Meet The Top 50 Most Active Commentators In September 2016

top 50 most active commentators

October 6, 2016 – Meet The Top 50 Most Active Commentators In September 2016

Please join us in welcoming the top 50 commentators who participated the most in NG comment section last month.

  1. Fifelomo
  2. Sola olaniyi
  3. Metu Nyetu
  4. Huchennar
  5. Big Aunty Koks
  6. Maryf
  7. Red
  8. Betty
  9. D Hunter
  10. Tendy
  11. Keeping it real
  12. Endure
  13. Bok
  14. Jilo
  15. Truce
  16. Omokehinde
  17. Venerable
  18. Buzu-k
  19. Ms ERANKO
  20. Fancy
  21. Mulikat
  22. D Hunter
  23. joyful
  24. Bigdady
  25. Mon
  26. Danti
  27. ego
  28. Uzoma
  29. Amanda
  30. Lola O
  31. Tee
  32. Zuliyat
  33. Koolz
  34. Thricy
  35. Justin B
  36. Mary
  37. Merit Brown
  38. Gossip Chef
  39. ocpeace
  40. Victoria A
  41. ebuka
  43. I
  44. ttt
  45. OLA
  46. ade eagle
  48. Martha
  49. Big Aunty Koks
  50. Victor

Looking forward to seeing more names this month.

19 thoughts on “Meet The Top 50 Most Active Commentators In September 2016

  1. yeah i still made it to the champions league finishing fourth on the log **lol**

    @sola i dey reason your word oo why is it that mummy @Fifelomo that always win the league but issokay
    .. she deserves it after all.. because she always has something to say on every post though short but knowledgeable.
    A big shootout to the naijagists family.. thanks to ever for keeping this place lively, interesting and also making it a place of learning.. God bless you all.

    and to the naijagists crew gan gan big up to you guys for always encouraging your readers.. May continue to mercy Johnson your coast **winks**

    with this kinda list

  2. Na Fifelomo is carry first. She sabi book o. Is no dey easy to carry first for class. The benefix of without be say D Hunter write two times. I am see am for nomber 9. I am also see am for nomber 22. Is a thing of that song wey pipul are sing for church weyris everything na dobul dobul. promosho na dobul dobul. Car na dobul dobul. Wife na dobul dobul.

  3. @naijajists admin,you guys rocks.Very Much appreciated. #Fifelomo deserved to be the first,always first to contribute!

    What happened to my BOY BENCH & his name is not on here.
    @naijajists get ready for bench trouble.

  4. Top 50? I think something is wrong somewhere. Another wonder is that, Bench the comedian of the House was not included.
    I take a stroll…

  5. Smiles, I have known this site for years. I only read, smile, laugh and drop no comments. There are two people i always look forward to thier posts, @Red and Bench then. Just one headline, I couldn’t keep quite and I contributed. I didn’t only like naijagists, I love and appreciates everybody whose bn part of the site. God bless Nigeria, God bless naijagists, God bless you and God bless me.

  6. NaijaGist,I appreciate very much especially after the explanation @ Bench that name appearing twice means double Blessing……and I come see say Big Aunty Koks de appear twice like @D Hunter. So na resounding AMEN I say.
    Wish everybody happiness and Better economy for Nigeria!!!

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