Mercy Johnson & Husband Flaunt Look To Church Today [PHOTOS]

mercy johnson husband look church

December 10, 2017 – Mercy Johnson & Husband Flaunt Look To Church Today [PHOTOS]

Nollywood actress Mercy Johnson and her husband have proved critics of their marriage wrong.

The couple who got married under a messy circumstance back in 2011 returned from South Africa few days ago.

Prince Odianosen Okojie who is known for gushing about his wife took to the social media this afternoon to celebrate his wife.

Mr Okojie shares lovely photos of himself, his wife and his brother (Mercy Johnson’s brother in law), Benedict Okojie all dressed up and loved up for Sunday!!.

The couple dressed in matching blue outfits proved to fans that their love is real with their beautiful smiles.

4 thoughts on “Mercy Johnson & Husband Flaunt Look To Church Today [PHOTOS]

  1. THERE are so many ways to demostrate inner fears of loosing what you actually stole from anther person and pretending to be strong and happy. We understand.

    You claim your name is Mercy, but you didn‘t have mercy on your fellow woman but went ahead to snatch her husband and come down here to shamelessly display your loot.
    Stupid creature.

    I take a stroll…

  2. I don’t believe there is 100% love in this relationship. Mercy is just trying to make believe by forcing that guy to pose for picture at all times. Picture speaks more than thousands words. That guy Okogie is never an happy man. It seems there is a void in his life. His mind is always somewhere else, you can see in his face.

    If the situation continues like this, both will end up leaving each other. Mercy is from Kogi State and where she comes from, they are really good in experimenting charm. She can keep supporting herself with her renewable charm,but as far as this relationship is concern, Mercy is just buying time.

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