Mercy Johnson Loses Baby Fat, Flaunts Killer Curves

mercy johnson loses baby fat

Oct 11, 2013 – Mercy Johnson Loses Baby Fat, Flaunts Killer Curves

Check out mama Purity’s new killer curves. Nollywood actress Mercy Johnson is doing an amazing job with her post baby weight loss routine.

The actress revealed her killer curves on set recently.

She doesn’t look like someone who recently gave birth.

20 thoughts on “Mercy Johnson Loses Baby Fat, Flaunts Killer Curves

  1. She really tried this is the key to a man’s heart
    I pity all the fat women out there
    Ur husband is just managing u
    So do ur best to lose weight and keep fit

  2. I knew she can do it I didn’t under estimate her capability bcos I knw mj knws wat she want, ride on mummy purity

  3. @mimi jam,it depends on your health & age.u can start by limiting sugar,eat ur dinner before 7 &less carbohydrate,avoid snacks,dancing is very good in burning fat,if u can use fruits for lunch that will be good,avoid eating much bread,oil or butter,u can go for wheat bread if you love bread.when am on vacation & add weight,I drink Lipton tea with few drops of lime,this is not for pregnant women.avoid soda(mineral drink).don’t make food ur bestfriend why u are down or sad.I use this whenever I add few pounds &am
    6ft 3 and weighs 190 pounds.ur weight should not be an issue but ur code of dressing.fat or slim u are who u are and beautiful for you not they.ur dressing tells a lot about not ur shape.stay sweet.

  4. Cute! I knw der re a million women out der looking forward to being like dis, culd u pls giv out d tips for dem to try?

  5. Mama purity i cherish ur stand Indeed u are a beauty 2be hold…also a parragon beauty mirror of a community kip it up babe!!

  6. you all try by prasing her beuty concerts forgeting to tell her that she is showing her nude body to crowd even after given birth. we should all know that this lust beauty we’re admiring will one fade away or even relocate to it is permanent site which is the the grave. mummy purity try to know that those thing are for your husband not for showcasing to the viewers learn cuz delay is dangerous.

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