Photo: Nollywood Actor IK Ogbonna Finds New Lover

ik ogbonna new lover

Oct 11, 2013 – Picture: Nigerian Actor IK Ogbonna Finds New Lover

The sexy actor just released a photo of himself playing with a squirrel.

Only abroad squirrel can do this kind thing. In Naija, no way….dey go run for their lives.

Wait a minute, how possible is this, real or photo-shopped?

7 thoughts on “Photo: Nollywood Actor IK Ogbonna Finds New Lover

  1. nice pose
    This can’t happen anywhere else except in paradise
    even for abroad, no squirrel will move this close to human

  2. This kind of scenerio is very possible in the West unlike here in Nigeria.
    Over there they are not hunted for food unlike here in Nigeria, and also they have a lot of recreational parks with a lot of green foliage over there even within the urban areas, and these aids in an explosion of the squirrel population.
    I have actually read that in some of those countries squirrels even lose their fear of humans to an extent.

  3. i can believe that that it is real in western world its illegal to harm animals so yes and squirrels are all over the place they have no fear of humans that why people over there appricate nature so its like an advise for africans especially nigerians to love and appriciate nature

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