Mercy Johnson Magic Detox Diet Video…Thrills As Actress Launches Weight Loss Product For Fans

mercy magic detox video diet weight loss

Mercy Johnson Magic Detox Diet Video: Thrills As Actress Launches Weight Loss Product For Fans

Do you want to achieve Mercy Johnson‘s amazing figure, then the actress is getting set to launch an exciting product just for you.

The mother of three will be launching a Detox video detailing what she did to achieve her killer figure and what her fans can do to achieve the same feat.

The thespian said no surgery was involved in achieving her new look.

She added in another post with more alluring pictures of her new look;

“I know the struggle, I’ve been there, one day you wake up with a thousand stretchmarks across your tummy. You don’t recognize your body, you try everything that used to work and it doesn’t anymore. If you don’t like it, you can do something about it! If I can do it, my sister you can- NO surgery.”

The new product she is planning to launch is called Mercy Magic Detox.

It is basically a weight loss video.

See a preview of the product in the videos below.


The reigning thing in Nigeria now is weight loss.

With her star power, the actress will make huge money from this new product.

She will do well if she launches her own clothing line also.

Mama Purity forgot to tell us the kind of exercise she is doing everyday.

To achieve such amazing figure, she must have been doing some ab workout too with the help of a fitness consultant

This can’t happen with detox smoothie only.

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  1. If you want to lose weight easily, just go broke, when hard time handles you, all the fat will disappear.

  2. I need to be part of this. Where can I buy that. There is something tell me that mix drink will be good. Am in Germany where can I get it

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