Michael Ayoade: Nigerian Man Arrested & Jailed In London For Punching Women (Pictures)

nigerian man punched women in london

Feb 25, 2013 – Nigerian Man Michael Ayoade Arrested & Jailed In London For Punching Women (Pictures)

A Nigerian man identified as Michael Ayoade who is based in Plaistow East, London has been arrested and jailed after he was caught on CCTV camera punching a 16-year-old girl and another woman, 21 back in 2011.

According to the Daily Mail UK,  the first attack was at Plaistow Tube station on November 20, 2011, when he hit student Daniella Montieth, who is only 5ft 4in, in the side of the head, leaving her sprawled unconscious in the ticket hall.

Ms Montieth, who was studying political science and international relations, was taken to hospital with a broken tooth.
Shocking CCTV footage of the second attack was released by police in November last year as they appealed for information.

The 16-year-old victim was walking near the Black Lion pub in High Street, Plaistow, at around 12.30pm on November 13 when Ayoade jogged up behind her and punched her in the head. She immediately fell to the ground and was left lying unconscious on the pavement, suffering three broken teeth and a cut lip.

nigerian jailed punching women london

Ayoade, who is originally from Nigeria, had followed the teenager, who is 5ft 5in, for around 800 metres before he struck.

Prosecutor Joel Smith told the court Ayoade said she ‘made (him) feel like a pauper with her facial gestures’ and had ‘looked at him in a rude way’, and that he could not go through the rest of the day having taken ‘an insult from a little person like that’.

Ayoade had previously admitted two counts of assault occasioning actual bodily harm, and one count of possession of cannabis after a bag of the drug was found at his home.

On Monday Michael Ayoade was sentenced to four years for the attack on the teenager, and 19 months for punching the student, to run concurrently.

[Source: Daily Mail UK]

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  1. Doz he have choice? Infact dat serves him right. Let him serve his life there later ward be sent bak home with nothing. He,s a bloody bastard. His intention was to kill dat gal but thank God it wasn,t met. Mere lukin at him, u wil find out dat he,s luk wicked. Omo ta yoruba

    • U r a big fool for involving yoruba in ur comments, peeps like u promote tribal wars…..simple Omo ita wud av done it

  2. That serves him right. Stupid man. Why will u punch a female if u ve any respect for them? Anyway, that will be a lesson to others.

  3. Gud 4 him!…I pray other inmates should show him some lesson,.Rubbish has been taken out of the street for a while,…Hope he learns some lesson in there.(and to all ladies beater out there Flexing lean muscles on a woman ,that shows how Manly you are ! Is by using that same muscle,to do something productive,….which anybody will be proud of!!!.

  4. Thank u ,for sending this fool and old for nothing Ayo,for no reason just beat girls and women to Unconscious,kindly after the 4yrs and 9 months jail, send him back to Nigeria to see the didfernet pls,only no light permanent is enoungh for him to kill himself,cos is a danger.why he dont do that for a man tall like him and see what will happen to,or he should come to nigeria and beat one area boy in Lagos and see,what will happen to this foolish man call humanbeing.

  5. These oyinbo children are very rude! Our children here don’t look down on elders like that. Am proud to be a nigerian.

  6. And idiot like him, wwe superster big show is looking for who will punch him, he knows it but did not go there, but was then attacking defenceless women. He think the UK is like Nigeria where every criminal is set free. Very disgracing, Nigerians will like to show their real character any where they are, he got what he wanted.

  7. U kno five (5) yrs seven months is too small for that bastard, u should’ve sentenced him for twenty yrs for alwayz attacking females. That Y*₹¥&@ fool. Pls after that punishment send him back home with empty handed.

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