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Mike Bamiloye Gives Marriage Advice To Men Looking For Life Partners, Urges Them To Look Beyond Beauty

mike bamiloye marriage advice

Mount Zion Film Production founder, Mike Bamiloye, has warned men to look beyond physical beauty when searching for a potential wife.

In a telephone chat with Yinka Badejo, the veteran filmmaker advised people desiring a successful marriage like his.

His words:

“Men who want to get married, who desire to have the right lady, must not depend upon beauty because there are a lot of packaged beauties these days among ladies. You can’t trust the hair they have on, nor how beautiful they appear because it may have been packaged with makeup. Men should rather be patient and seek a woman that fears God.”

mike bamiloye marriage advice

Reacting to allegations from non-fans who claimed that a recent post by him on Instagram suggested that cooking should be left to women, Bamiloye said;

“I do help my wife in the kitchen. It is the will of God that every woman must be able to care for her husband but that does not mean men should not help their wives in the kitchen.”

He described his wife, Gloria Bamiloye, who is also an actress as an excellent cook capable of cooking the different delicacies he craved for.

He strongly noted that a lot of women out there were not prepared for marriage but were praying for husbands.

“Most women these days are focusing more on material things, which is also one of the things contributing to marriage break-ups. Some women are 28 but are not ripe for marriage because, even at that age, they are still dependent on people for many personal things.

“Such women, if they get married, end up calling their mothers at home for cooking recipes and asking people to wash for them”.



  1. Dane Arinze

    August 2, 2018 at 7:23 AM

    Daddy but you married a beautiful wife now why are you saying we should marry one like her

  2. Junior Ekweme

    August 2, 2018 at 7:24 AM

    I have never seen a pastor who married an ugly wife. They always marry hot women
    @Dane am with you

  3. Nob Aba

    August 2, 2018 at 12:48 PM

    Dad why in some Christians family select husband for there children ,for example a man from poor backgrounds family can not aloud to married a lady from a rich family backgrounds because of segregation .Sir In Christianity it this support to be like that Daddy? .

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