Missing Ayobami Jaiyeola Kidnapped: NYSC Corper’ Kidnappers Demand N10M Ransom

Ayobami Jaiyeola Kidnapped

Dec 05, 2013 – Missing Ayobami Jaiyeola Kidnapped: NYSC Corper’ Kidnappers Demand N10M Ransom

The Nigerian lady who was declared missing from Lagos last week, Ms Ayobami Jaiyeola was actually kidnapped. She came from the United States of America to do her NYSC service in Nigeria months before her kidnap in Oniru area of Lagos.

The 29-year-old NYSC corper reportedly went missing after leaving her sister’s house in Dideolu Estate in Oniru area of Lagos State last Friday.

She reportedly left her cellular phones and handbag at home at the time of her kidnap.

The case has been reported to the police and social media campaign has been set up to secure her release.

Yesterday, Ayobami’s kidnappers made an official phone call to her family.

A young man called the victim’s sister yesterday demanding N10 million ransom for her release.

“We did not speak with Ayobami, but someone called with a private number demanding N10m. “When we tried to ask further questions about the state of our daughter, the man terminated the call abruptly.” – said family members.

Ayobami Jaiyeola who graduated from the University of Maryland in the US came to Nigeria in January 2013 for her youth service.

She was placed at the Lagos State Ministry of Works in Alausa Ikeja for her NYSC primary assignment.

Mr Ngozi Braide, Lagos state Police Spokesperson said investigation is ongoing to rescue Ayobami from her kidnappers.

Heya! so this lady is an abroad girl.

May God release her from her kidnappers.

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21 thoughts on “Missing Ayobami Jaiyeola Kidnapped: NYSC Corper’ Kidnappers Demand N10M Ransom

  1. @naijajist una no go kill person with laughter wetin be abroad girl for this matter now.
    Please friends let’s pray for the safety of this beautiful lady

  2. This country is not safe anymore I can imagine what this poor girl is going thru now.
    She’d better run commot for america after her release

  3. This is why I never want to return to this yeye country again
    I believe some of her work mate set her up

    • Tokunbo ur right,its a set up n is nt 4rm an outsider bt rather sm1 dat kwns her n d family 2 well,may God grant her safe release

  4. dis is an insider game of plan, somebdy close 2 d family is involved, so dey should watch out 4 dat, i remembered 2yrs ago wen we visited 9ja, it happened 2 one of my cousin we came home wt, it was d grace of God dat notin happened 2 him, cos d kidnapper fought wt demselves den,it turns out dat 1 of cousin was involved 2

  5. @Tokunbo Rainbow. Imagine u, Nigeria is a Yeye country? Thats y you would’t come back again? Shame on u. Now,are u sure of ur safety out there? Pls,mind the way u should condemn ur country b4 u lose ur job.Yeye man frm Yeye country. Pls we need God’s intervention in missing Ayobami Jaiyeola!

  6. Too scared!sometimes I give it a second thought to come home,but no place like home.@Red you are right,no one to trust!your own family member might even set you up on your arrival.my kids asking me”mum when are we visiting Nigeria? Still not having the right answer.@last kobo…..don’t blame Tokunbo,isn’t it scary to know you coming to your father land,and you already having the pictures of being dead or kidnapped?@Tokunbo……ye ye country is rather too harsh.hmm,,does it make sense to plan coming to your country at midnight,lodging in the hotel when u v ur own house,to make it worse,telling only your parents,and younger ones,just bcos you suspecting some ppl?maybe to crown it all,you only stay a week.hmmm,then what is the purpose of coming?no enjoyment,no fun.you can’t even stroll in your area,after all the expenses on your plane ticket.it’s so ridiculous.when Nigeria is healty in terms of security,I think ppl like me,will like to bring my kids home,even to school,or come over for any holiday,regardless the cost.i love my country,missing farm,wanna go to the stream,each fresh vegetables,bush meat,and pounded yam,not poundo ŷam,but I dare not do that,at the expense of my life,and that of my crown,my hubby,and gorgeous happiness,the kids God has favoured me with.hmm,oga ooo.May God safe her.Now will this girl ever,pls quote me,ever come back to this country,if she ever gain her freedom?HELL NO!!!not to even bring her kids to this country.Am sure a lot lf her friends abroad must have advised her,never to serve in Nigeria.May God safe us all(amen).As for me,the longest have stayed in naija is 2weeks,just to check on my investment,and businesses.After two weeks,I say sefini to Naija.Don’t blame me,I love my life.As for my kids coming over,when God whisper to my ear.With grandma,and grandpas visiting them,I don’t see any need.They hear yoruba,and they can speak,even if it sounds so hilarious all join.yoruba na yoruba,that’s the most important,being able to ear,and speak ur language.hmm,I rest ma case.Ayobami darling,my God will locate you,like Daniel in lions den.

    • @ oluwadunni I love your comment.
      I think our people need to be careful when dealing with Nigerians.
      I’m a Nigerian-American and I have been in Lagos for over 5 years
      I went there to live with my husband and raise a family when every attempt to bring him failed.
      I live in VI, Lagos and am loving it.
      I don’t live flash lifestyle nor have friends except my hubby and my kids.
      Our family are not even aware we are in Lagos
      People just need to be careful who they call friend in this part of the world.
      May God deliver Ayobami

  7. i only have one question why would u graduate from maryland university and come to naija for nysc.cant u get a job without nysc

  8. @Enny, If you live and study abroad. It is advisable to go Nigeria for your NYSC because you never know you might want to go back and settle down in the future and without NYSC you will be unemployable in Nigeria that is the rule. Except you want to come back and set up a business. I have a number of cousins that had schooled and live in UK and have gone to Nigeria for thier NYSC. It is just unfortunate that this lady found herself in this horrific situation. And am sure possibly her American accent might have also given her away. There is also a possibility that it is a setup. I can only pray that God will keep her safe and she will be released soon. The hand of the Lord shall be upon her (AMEN).

  9. @BB thanks so much for the enlightenment. I didn’t know Nigerians(we) have to do that. Nigeria is the cause of all its problems she(Nigeria) is facing. IT’S SO SAD!!!!!!!!!

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