MMM Scammers Now In Operation, Nigerian Loses N100K, Cries Out For Help

mmm scammers nigeria

November 25, 2016 – MMM Scammers Now In Operation, Nigerian Loses N100K, Cries Out For Help

“It has been over a month that I invested a 100 thousand naira into MMM but have not received my money nor the interest back….not up to two weeks after creating my account ‘[email protected]’ by a friend and pledging to provide a 100k help, I was asked to provide the help which I did to five different accounts unlike the usual one or two accounts that others are asked to pay to.

I did as they asked,when my mavro got up to 30 percent, I requested to get help. Since then till now which is over two weeks, I have not been merged with a participant whom will pay me. So I’m calling on MMM’s office attention in case they have forgotten me, to rectify the issue please” He told us.

15 thoughts on “MMM Scammers Now In Operation, Nigerian Loses N100K, Cries Out For Help

  1. Your story is a diffrent things unto. Bicos I am dey sure say Metu Nyetu is also do MMM and he have not saw wahala like this. That is why he was come to be telling us say MMM no be wayo. But it have do you wayo. Very soon, is also doing wayolity to other pipul and odinary Metu Nyetu will open eyes that time. Even Akwa Ibom man no fit say Metu Nyetu, na Meru Nyeru. And he is doing unto MMM.

  2. I can tell you that this may not be real but if the participant claim it is real and true… Contact me and i will help solve the issue 08062620539
    And again remember MMM have rules and regulation that some one like you got involved intentionally in order to put blame on the programme…. God is above you all

  3. Please people wise up. We know things are very difficult in the country but, bear in mind that some unscrupulous people will take advantage of the precarious situation in the country to dupe others. This is PUNZY SCHEME. Don’t get involved in it. Initially it might look good as some people do get other people’s money but eventually when a lot of people have gotten themselves involved in it, the operators will strike.

  4. hahaahah pls make whonna tell am…. cuz I bet u dis is a publicity stunt someone out dey is try too chipin too d mass population…. and as u can see its not working @all carry ur lies Go far….. who knws if na poool u play but come hear come dey deserve ur self

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