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moschino sued black people serenas

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Moschino USA Sued For Using Secret Code “Serenas” For Black Customers

moschino sued black people serenas

Italian Luxury Brand Moschino Sued For Code-Naming Black Clients “Serenas”

Moschino USA Sued By Former Employee For Using Secret Code “Serenas” For Black Customers

Shamael Lataillade, a black model who was sacked by Italian fashion brand Moschino has sued the company for racial discrimination.

In a court documents obtained by TMZ, Shamael  alleged that her supervisor (a Caucasian woman) had a secret code for black customers if they didn’t wear diamonds or brand names when they entered the store.

moschino secret code black people

Shamael added that her supervisor often tell employees to tell the “Serenas” (coded name for poor blacks) they were out of stock when they have the items in stock.

She said at a point they were told to pay close attention to black people and note down their license plates.

In addition to the above, Shamael said they were once told to call the police on a high-profile rapper and report him as a suspicious black  customer.

In the lawsuit filed recently, Shamael said her supervisor mocked her as someone who uses voodoo  because she is Haitian-American.

She lost her job for bringing up the concern at Moschino corporate head office.

The store in question is located on Beverly Blvd, West Hollywood,California.



  1. Mon

    January 8, 2019 at 5:23 AM

    There are different wars going on, but this racial war seems to be the worst. They came to Africa and stole everything, and still stealing, even our identity, succeeded in sowing the seed of hatred with their divide and rule tactics, also with mix and conquer style.

    Now,they are in millennial slavery, making deals with African leaders to keep the populace in darkness while they keep on stealing, the youths are now offering themselves for adoption before the slave masters, if ever they made it alive.
    Table shall soon turn and everything will be back from where it’s originated… AFRICA

    • Kelvin Klein

      January 8, 2019 at 5:55 AM

      Thank you @Mon for this message of hope. Africans have suffered so much in the hands of racists. They should stop buying their products period

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