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Illegal MTN Mast Installation (TX 5192) In Potiskum Yobe: Open Letter To South African Commercial Interest In Nigeria

illegal mtn mast installation yobe state

Illegal MTN Mast Installation (TX 5192) In Potiskum Yobe State: An Open Letter To South African Commercial Interest In Nigeria

I am the President Northern Youths Intellectual Advocacy Forum and I have a complain on my desk.

The complain reads:

“I write with all sense of urgency to draw the attention of the entire world to continue abuse and exploitation by South African Commercial Interest in Nigeria. For over 14 years now that MTN took over my land for its business purpose without compensation whatsoever and during this time I was away serving the Nation. Now I am back to put my land into use but MTN is now my greatest impediment. I have written a series of letters to MTN Regional Office Abuja to no avail. Whereas there is no where in the Nigerian law that permits MTN to illegally occupied people’s land without due consultation.

Hence am using this medium to notify MTN to compensate me for the 14 years period and stop further excavation as well dismantle whichever installation it has in this area within seven (7) days or face forceful eviction. ”


The owner of the said land has all his original documents intact dated 1994 and since MTN has decided to ignore him he wanted to seal off the area some days ago and this explains our intervention. You can call MTN Yobe State to verify the claim.

The importance of this land to MTN can not be over emphasized as it is strategic for its operation in the State- Total Area is 8901.90 m2, point D- Bingel Primary School Potiskum Yobe State. First it provide services to the Nation amid insurgency in the North – East. Secondly, It is the most reliable mast in the entire region but in all of these what does the owner of the land stands to gain? Nothing in the last 14 years.


We are intervening on behalf of the owner in order for him to be duely compensated because to us this is the highest fraud in recent times and failure to comply with this directive we would have no option other than to let the world know the level of exploitation by the South African Commercial Interest in Nigeria. While mitigation could be the last resort in days to come we shall intensify our Social Media Campaign against all the South African investment in the Country, a retaliatory tendency or sound justification for all the atrocity it committed against Nigerians and Nigerians businesses in South Africa.

Our Organization is very vocal against injustice anywhere in the world. It should be reminded that we were the first to write PMB an Open Letter to condemn the Xenophobic attack against Nigerians living in South Africa. It paid off as His Excellency sent Alhaji Atiku Abubakar to meet with the then South African President Jacob Zuma. Though the appeal to South African youth came late but at least is better than never where many Nigerians were on the brinks of extinction.


Nigerian government has never hidden her love for South Africa right from Apartheid to date but what did we get in return? Rather a slap and insult on our collective sensitivity. South Africans have no regards whatsoever for our citizens living in South Africa as they are easily targeted at easy calmness while the South African government turn its blind eyes until havoc is perpetuated. We can not forget in a hurry the xenophobic attack in recent times, Nigerians are murdered in day time and their shops looted away yet no single arrest has been made or compensation to the family of the deceased.

No Nigerian investment in South Africa sees the light of the day due to open disregard and hatred orchestrated by God knows what yet Nigerians can only sit and watch as event unfold. And to add insult to injury, South African Commercial Interest in Nigeria are protected with our life amid illegally installation of mast. This is not to say Nigerians are coward but we are only obeying the law of the land. Hence we are using this medium to warn South African investments in Nigeria to kindly respect our laws. It can not continue to exploit our people and burst them to corner in the name of business.

Northern Youths Intellectual-Advocacy Forum. (tweet us @ yankyreal)



  1. Remi Shittu

    November 5, 2018 at 6:44 AM

    I bet it with you if a Nigerian FG owned company in South Africa is thriving like MTN is doing in Nigeria, the bastards would have pulled it down.

    Nigeria is a shame of a nation.

  2. Alex

    November 5, 2018 at 11:40 AM

    The management are mostly Nigerian they should react. Why is this case different?

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