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my husband died sleep

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“My Husband Also Died Suddenly & Unexpectedly In His Sleep” – Fan Comforts Tosyn Bucknor Widower

my husband died sleep

My Husband Also Slept & Next Woke Up – Fan Comforts Tosyn Bucknor Widower

Words can’t express the grief, Aurélien  Boyer aka Omowale Ajala is feeling since he lost his beloved wife, Nigerian OAP Tosyn Bucknor to the cold hand of death few days  ago.

The widower took to Instagram hours ago to pen this touching tribute to his late wife;

“That night, I felt I had gone. With you.
Next day, I could not stand all of them there. For you.
And then, I realized it was all love. Like you.
From then, they say I’ve been strong. It is true.
Every day, I stand together with all of us. To go through.
Last night, I realized how much. I miss you.

Irawo mi, through the window, I look at you.

Days and nights cannot get dark.
A star illuminates the sky with its eternal spark.”

Since he left the above tribute, his fans have been dropping their condolences.

A female fan @ andreazita_dome also shared the heartbreaking story of her husband who slept and never woke up.

Here is what she wrote in the comment section of the tribute.

“Its so sad, i know how u feel, i also met my husband dead on our bed, we slept and he neva woke up, i almost ran mad, i was even pregnant and also had a daughter when this incident happened, went through my second labour all alone, bt children are doing fine thank to God. its always very sad to lose someone very close to u, its heart breaking, this kind of news triggers memories for me, may the lord console and comfort ur heart, may she rest in peace. Amen. Please do take heart @boyeraure”.

Here is another word of condolence from dhatgurl_debbie that caught our attention:

“I know how you feel,I felt the same when my fav aunt passed. She was more than a best friend,she was my all. I felt like dying. I wasn’t even myself for a whole week.The only thing that kept going tru my mind was all we have done together and what we have shared together. Months later,I started thanking God for taking her away.I was happy she is not in this world going through pains and hurting while we are unable to treat her. To me ,she is not dead….She just travelled out of the country. Take heart, God be with u!”.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Fifelomo

    November 25, 2018 at 1:15 AM

    Area mama goodnyt.

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