“My Ex-Husband Has Kidnapped My Son”- Nigerian Woman Cries Out For Help

husband kidnapped my son

December 16, 2013 – “My Ex-Husband Has Kidnapped My Son In Lagos, Nigeria”- UK-Based Nigerian Woman Cries Out For Help

My name is Esther *********, I would like you to support me in publishing my true story. My son has been kidnapped by the CEO of Peissy Mechanical Works in Lagos Nigeria. I am based in UK, kindly direct me on how to go about it.

Here is my story.

I am an ordained reverend minister in Foursquare Gospel Church in Nigeria, I got married to my husband in December 1978,I had my first daughter in 20th June,  1979, Unfortunately I lost her, after that I had an ectopic operation in March 1980, then it was declared that my right Fallopian tube has been removed and the left tube was bad therefore It would be had for me to conceive. Holding unto God’s promises, I had four children for my husband with a left Fallopian tube.

I had a second degree and my husband suggested that I should travel to UK to do a 1yr course that will enable me work in UK. He further suggested that I will be traveling with my two children. He maintained that he wants the whole family to relocate to UK to have a better life but it will be on gradual bases. I accepted this suggestion because he was never there for his children as a business man; he was always abroad.

On 13th  September 2000, I and two of my children left for UK and stayed in his cousin’s house. The lady had two bedroom house with a box room he returned to Nigeria after about a month. He instructed me to make sure I give his cousin thirty pounds every week. Meanwhile the two children I travelled with I have to give them fourteen pounds each every week for their bus fare and school dinner every week. My husband who promised me that when I get to UK I will do a one year course and start working in my discipline, he also promised to sort out my immigration status.

The reality of his plans started unfolding to me when he took me with the help of his auntie to register me in a care agency to work. That was the beginning of my sorrow. Within a short time due to the fact that he was not prepared to fend for his two big children in Nigeria he sent them to me in UK. As it was impossible for all us to leave in a box room I was forced to get a bigger accommodation meaning I had to work both night and day to afford such accommodation for four children.

From 2002 he visits UK without seeing his family. He further said he has spent a lot of money on his children and on me while we were in Nigeria and that he is no more ready to spend on anyone.  I suffered so much in his hand but as a minister of God I continued to bear in other to save my marriage. He would have affairs outside, buy syringes and antibiotics and ask me to inject myself so that I will not get infection, yet he infected me which caused me a blocked tube and caused my ectopic pregnancy which lead to the  ectopic operation.

He once traveled with his brother’s wife and when they came back after weeks and  I questioned his action he started insulting me threw my things outside saying I must learn to love the woman, when I never hated or quarreled with her. He did a lot but I still had to take it all because of my children and the ministry. He brought my senior sister who trained me to London and  wanted to have an affair with her.

When she refused, he came back to Nigeria and told me that my sister don’t love his person and accepted he did ask her for sex. Yes I know it is right for African men to cheat on their wives but I give glory to God who gave me the patience and endurance to hold this marriage for twenty seven years. Unfortunately my children suffered greatly as a result of our separation. They became very angry and wounded.  I became angry and wounded too, I suffered depression and was placed depression tablets then.  When the trouble was too much I told him that I wanted to come back to Nigeria he vowed that if I return back to Nigeria he will kill me and no one will do anything about it. At the age of 13 years old my last born  could not concentrate on anything because he missed his father and was emotionally traumatized that was in 2005 I begged him that our last born should come back to Nigeria, he said to me ‘may God punish me, he cannot come back to my family because I am now married’.

My son Emmanuel has no paper in UK he was returned back to Nigeria in 2010, yet my husband will send him out from the house that his stepmother is not happy he is around. I was surprised to hear from my daughter when she called the wife of my husband’s brother that the woman my husband got married to knows me and all my children very well in Nigeria before we left. I left the battle in God’s hand but now I am speaking out because he has taken the same boy he chased out of the house to an unknown destination and said that no one has the right  to ask him about him.

The last time I had from my son was two weeks ago on a Monday morning around 5 am he said his father is taking him to an interview. His phone was taken away from him so he can’t communicate and no one can reach him. And his father said he alone can communicate with him.

Please I need your help. He is presently in UK with the son of his present wife, a boy of 7-8 years. When he came he told all my children they are useless, that he is preparing the small boy for war.

Fellow Nigerians I need your help my husband is in UK now, he has locked up my son somewhere, I don’t know for what purpose my heart is troubled. Even if this child is useless as he claims he made him useless by abandoning him at a prime time.

I know Emmanuel is not useless, I am greatly troubled, scared and tormented as I don’t know where my son is and if he still alive, please help me find him he is about 6 feet and 5 inches tall, This is a time of celebration you can imagine the torment a boy of 23 yrs old is facing he is an adult and has the right to his freedom.

Please in GOD’S NAME Help me my fellow Nigerian’s. GOD Bless.

[Email: revestherihekwereme@yahoo.com]

Dear liberal readers can you help this woman in spreading this message.

She is really worried about the whereabouts of her son in Nigeria.

Your help will be greatly appreciated

30 thoughts on ““My Ex-Husband Has Kidnapped My Son”- Nigerian Woman Cries Out For Help

  1. madam you need to give us your husband name and the location of the kidnap, so we can further provide u with alternatives
    What is your son’s name and do u have a picture of him?
    This and many other information is needed to help you out

  2. But why are some men so heartless
    Madam if you really want ur son back u have to come back to Nigeria to look for him yourself
    Pls don’t let your hubby know u’re in Nigeria

  3. Your best bet is to report him and file a missing person report at the police station. If you have any relation in Lagos Nigeria that can do that for you, I suggest u do it ASAP

  4. Your story is very complex why did u allow him to take your son back to Nigeria
    Don’t u know ur right in the United Kingdom?

  5. This sounds like a movie script to me. The man must be jailed
    If I were u madam, I will go back to Nigeria in search of my son

  6. First thing first, you need to find a way to report him to the police without him knowing.
    Do this first and let police commence investigation

  7. this is a very sad story,why should a man threat his family like this his own children because his wife is a Pastor i dont get it alot of women go through this in Africa poor children and it is not easy in london without papaer except there father wants time to do fraud or be prostitutes God will see you through report this case straight to the police I hope an authourity in Nigeria will help this poor woman I’m in tears wicked world.

  8. madam, d fact here is u jux ve 2 pray very hard n go 2 strong men of God 4 councelling…. i fink wif dat u can easily knw d whr abot of ur son……

  9. Madam, I think the mistake is from you. why did you take your son back to your husband knowing the kind of man he is. Well my advice is that you should fast and pray, make covenant to God since you are a christian. After seeking for God face you move according to God’s direction by doing exactly what God led in your heart to do.

  10. this woman ur story is very complex pls state the real facts although i feel for u but ur story have k-leg abeg

    • Please my fellow readers, read articules very well before commenting, What is Mother said is Her Son has no papers to back-him-up in London, he hasno Green Card yet, so he was Deported back to Nigeria. Understand.
      The CEO of Peissy Mechnical Works in Lagos, please release the Boy whereever you kept him or else you will face God’s purnishment which you never expected. Already that Woman in his house, her purnishment is certain, no Pastor can stop that, because it is not ordinary. Madam continue praying and make a covenant with God, your Son will come out Life in Jesus Name.

  11. madam?where do ur hsb live (in nigeria)?all u need 2 do is 2 come bac 2 nigeria.u should nt b afraid of a mere threathing,ur son is ur future,ur evry thing.he wount dare 2 kill u,nigeria is nt that worst.pls come back home.

  12. Esther,you v’e got to calm down and focus,I don’t really know how well to digest this story.Do you believe in God sweetie ? Talk to God with faith,how will i put this in picture,No harm will come to your son in Jesus name.I know that all these modern technology makes it seems almost impossible for people to believe that God is still here and answers prayers.talk to God as in one on one with faith,believe that the God that set the children of lsrael free from the Egyptians will set your son free.you have to be strong for the interest of your other kids,Don’t bank on people for help,wherever your son is right now,He will be protected like Daniel in the lion’s den,Believe and believe and believe in God,pray,talk to him,cry to him and live to give testimony.is well my dear may God bless you and your family nothing is ever big or impossible for God.Try God and see his wonders.it shall be well with you.

  13. madam,
    Please, all you and your children needed is a fervent prayer if this story is anything to go by. May the good Lord have mercy on you and your children, particularly Emmanuel who is in trouble now.

  14. Does it mean that you never communicated with your son since 2010 when he was deported? I don’t believe your husband has anything to do with your son’s whereabouts because he [son] was somewhat grown when deported to Nigeria. Although as a father, he supposed to welcome the boy home but you know how some stepmother could create enmity between father and children. Additionally, as a pastor, you could have organized where your son will be, [maybe with church or family members] especially when there was no cordial relation between him and his father. Anyways, God knows best! I pray that nothing bad will happen to your son so that your labor as a mother will not be in vain.

  15. please,as u are a minister of God continue pray i kno that God u are workn for wll realsi his mighty power to deliver ur son, frm anywhere d devil caln himself dad kept him as god deliver Daniel frm d camp of lion,wt ur prayer he wl surely deliver ur son too.Just continue in d workn of god becus since have bee workn for him he didnt put me to shame and i know he still alive & he wl nt put u to shame. im one of d foursquare member i wl always remember u i my daily prayer.

  16. bloody lies… another fabrication, just to make tabloid news…. does this woman look like a lady who got married to her ex in 1978… doesn’t she look so young… what a silly story

    • Esther, ” the evil that men (and women) do, not only lives after them but manifests while they are still alive”. A word is enough for the wise, desist from your evil ways and try to bring up your children in the way of The Lord, instead of blaming their father for their irresponsible behaviour. There is never a smoke without fire, your ex husband cannot just abduct his son, if the son had not done something wrong. Why was your son sent home from the UK? Why have you not visited him since he was sent back home? How can you claim he was kidnapped, when he himself told you his dad was taking him somewhere to be interviewed, but you failed to disclose what type of interview, was it perhaps by the police? My dear, this story of yours smells of nothing but lies and an attempt to soil your ex husband’s name because he left you for another woman and has refused to take you back, despite your begging him to do so for so many years. Why did you not challenge your ex husband when he came to the UK or better still, travel to Nigeria to save your son from him, instead of washing your dirty linens here in public? That’s what any right thinking mother would do, more so one who is a Rev.pastor like you claim to be. Apart from this watery story on Naijagists.com? Nigerians are not fools, you know.

  17. Apart from this watery story on Naijagist.com, what other step have you taken to secure your son’s release and safety? Kidnappers usually ask for ransom money, has your ex husband or anyone else contacted you or demanded that you pay them before your son is released? Please madam Esther, stop embarrassing yourself and your poor children and find yourself another man instead of seeking attention or empathy in such a cheap, pathetic manner.

  18. Take heart and take everything to God in prayer while I advise that you should come down to Nigeria and seek legal advice because he cannot be the father and mother of the son. You have a right to sue him for your missing child. And I wish to advise you to refrain from using the word kidnapping for now because you have not established any fact about your missing child yet. I pray God will not allow the man to do any harm to the boy. Have faith in God.

  19. No picture of the missing boy, no full name (only Emmanuel),no description or when/where he was last seen, his addres in Nigeria, details expected from a mother genuinely worried about her missing son. I totally agree with you, Tessy, this story sucks!

  20. Esther, your story is so pathetic, I know your husband very well and also know u. I think you have to reconcile with him so u can be that one happy family u were. U claimed to be an ordained minister of God but u fail to bring up your children in the way of the lord, that your son in question is a drug addict which was y he was deported and your husband had to to register him in a remand home to bring him back to a normal human being. U fail as a Mother to bring up your children in the ways of the lord. I think your husband is trying to help in shaping that boys life. So blaming him in that aspect. But as regards your other allegation, it might be tru cod I ve always know him a a very proud and insensitive man.

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