My Husband Lied To Me That He Has Never Married B4..I Found Out After Baby Delivery.. What Should I Do?

husband lied to me

July 14, 2014 – My Husband Left His Wife In Germany & Moved To UK With Me, I Have A Baby For Him What Should I Do?

My Husband Lied To Me That He Has Never Married..I Found Out After Baby Delivery.. What Should I Do?

Here is a message received from a fan who is currently in a Dilemma.

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Dear brothers and sisters

I think I am going crazy with everything. I have known my husband now for 5yrs. We planned to have a baby, but he was still living in Germany then, so after I got preggy he moved to the UK.

When my daughter was 3mths old, a friend of mine came to see my Daughter and met my husband. She told me she recognised him from somewhere bt was not sure. Anyway, after a week she called me and said she recognised him from a picture she saw at her friends house. She then told me he has been married b4.

When I asked him he denied it and my elder bro also called him and asked him he also denied it, then I asked his elder sister in Cameroon who also denied it. She said he has never been married before and I believed her and insulted my friend and we have not spoken since. His sister is a big married woman so I didn’t see why she would lie to me.

After 2 months of that, a girl sent me a message on Facebook that the pic I uploaded was her daddy. I asked her name she mentioned it and mentioned my husbands full name. She told me she is his daughter. I then asked him who she was and he said she is his daughter.

The girl also told me that he was married to her mum. I took her number and spoke to her mum who told me that they were married and he left her. Her mum also said he saw them few months ago and that is true because he went to Germany the same time she claims to have seen him.

His daughter is 15 years old. A big girl.

I can’t believe that, after five years and a child this is happening. What would you do if you were in my shoes?

Many thanks in advance..