To God Be All The Glory

naijagists buys house

Here is the mini-crib God gave NG few days ago. To him be all the glory.

The interior decoration was done by Classic Home Interiors.

For those interested in having a similar in-home design, contact us @[email protected] for quote.

29 thoughts on “To God Be All The Glory

  1. I will love to get the exact same house. Which estate is this. Can I get the number of the real estate developer.

  2. Wow…This is fabulous…!! Big congratulations to you NG…
    it is our new dawn era indeed….keep on enjoying God’s blessings…

  3. #ABigCongrats!!!

    I’m just reading ds now.

    I’m so happy for you ooooo

    May you and ur family live long to enjoy ur new house. IJN. Amen.

    Ire àkárii gbogbo wa lorukó JESÚ. AMIN.


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