“Natural Hair Extensions Are Demonic” – Nigerian TV Presenter Rachel Edjeren Narrates Spiritual Nightmares

natural hair extensions demonic

March 16, 2013 – Nigerian TV Presenter Rachel Edjeren Narrates Her Nightmare With Natural Indian Hair Extensions

“Natural Indian Hair Extensions Are Demonic ” – Nigerian TV Presenter Rachel Edjeren Narrates Spiritual Nightmares

This story is for all the big girls in the house who loves beautiful and natural human hair extensions.

Rachel Edjeren is the MD/CEO of Rayzeds Media. She is a Producer, Presenter, Events & Celebrity Red Carpet Host, Public Relations (PR) Personnel/Consultant and an actress.

She is the producer of the popular TV magazines ‘TRENDS & RACHEL’ and ‘YANAYIN ZAMANI da RACHEL’.she is based in Abuja.

”My sister inlaw came to pray with me last two years. She said she was experiencing ill luck during the week. So many nasty things happening to her.I prayed wit her and the Spirit led me to ask her what hair she had on, she said indian. I was led to tell her to remove it and not give out but pray and burn it. She obeyed and things went back to normal. Sometime after that, my hubby and i watched a documentary on how ladies in India sacrifice their hair to the gods if they have nothing else worthy to sacrifice.

My husband likes human hair. So even though I like my full dreadlocks kind of hairstyles, I give him what he likes most times. I have done brazilian and Peruvian hair so thought to try something different and more natural which is Indian hair. Last weekend I ordered for it and made it. Prayed on it and believed it was fine.

Yesterday night (march 14,2013) I had the strangest of dreams. I saw that I made a hair that allowed me to pack it thus project my face and make it look slimmer. All of a sudden, I got into a scuffle wit 3 people who began to chase me all over the place to kill me. I got off from them narrowly and ran into a market. There, a mad man began to chase me.

I escaped him narrowly then 2 rapist-thugs came after me. All the while, I felt I was carrying someone else’s face.

I ran into a house with people praying. The lady in charge there looked at me and showed me a picture of my self with my regular synthetic dread-like hair and said “but that is ur regular look, why are you carrying someone elses face. Then from no where another lovely lady came from outside, drew me to the corner and began to ask me about my look.

She said “you are having problems with your hair right?” Whilst she was talking, I noticed something in her mouth; a bowl of cowries and the face of a Benin god, I looked closer and asked her what it was and why she had it.

She said her man likes her because of that decor in her mouth—cowries and the face of a god like a shrine in one’s mouth? she also said that she is comfortable and that it’s beautiful.

I woke up and prayed and immediately understood what the message was but didn’t want to let go of my cute human hair that cost so much.

I decided to ask my husband because he interpretes dreams accurately.

He immediately told me to remove the hair. At the same time, the Spirit told me to cut it off and not remove it gracefully because it tried to bring me shame and pain.

Cut it off, anoint your head, anoint and pray on the hair to refute all ill and do not just throw it away but BURN IT. I obeyed.

I have decided to only carry my natural hair or synthetic hair.

This is because the Bible says; “The hair is the woman’s crowning glory”. Carrying another’s is like carrying the other person’s spirit. The worst is even Indian. Nothing wrong with Indians; They are beautiful and we love them especially in Films but those hairs sold are sacrifices to gods. Thus, they are cursed.

There are loads of other human-looking hair made with synthetic in the market if you want that look or if you insist on wearing real human hair, try those from other Countries but pray on them and be ready to bear any consequence”.

[Article by Rayzeds Media]

21 thoughts on ““Natural Hair Extensions Are Demonic” – Nigerian TV Presenter Rachel Edjeren Narrates Spiritual Nightmares

  1. I have never worn indian hair or human hair other than mine,i have only weaved on hair a couple of times in my life..the last time i did it,the kind of dreams i had no one told me to remove it and never try it again…i saw a white woman with blond hair and with a snake body talking to me and telling me that my then male friend was hers and not mine….he always used to mock me about my hair if i retouched it or put on make up and would constantly tell me he wanted to marry a Caucasian woman..preferably blond…the best i can do is wigs …but i try as much as possible to be myself…

  2. Its ur mind playing tricks on u.u already had a thing against it which is y u had those dreams.u even had to pray b4 using it.ur mind was first of all against it which u then saw in ur subconscious.bliv m.it happens to us all. If u r a good dreamer u wud undastand m. Nevertheless,at times some of these things we put on are not entirely spiritually clean and safe.even d clothes pple buy or borrow. Lets just b careful.looking good should not be a do or die affair.

  3. I believe this story. I can remember some years back when my mother called my kid sis and I into her room and warned us to be very careful of human hair. She said that God told her that the devil was out to initiate many ladies through that weavon(she never said if it was through indian human hair or another one). She told us this before human hair became so so popular. Since that day,I’ve never tried to fix any of those human hairs. Be it brazilian or Indian. Both ladies and guys should be mindful of all these so called latest fashions in town, some of them are pure demonic, remember we are at the end time and satan the devil is doing everything possible to win everybody to his side-Let those that has ears’Hear’.

  4. I don’t no if u gals know a cute lady called Onyeka Owenu, is’nt she more beautifull dan some of u gals?. I love my girl so much bcos she don’t like anything artfishals.

  5. why do nigerians always tie everything to supernatural, so hair extensions are demonic (please) for such an educated woman as she is i expect better but then again some people could be so narrow minded it baffles you they hold such an important post in the society. first she needs to deal with whatever is wrong with her life, then try a sleep therapy to have less nightmares and happy dream. as a person who is highy infatuated with dream analogy myself, i know that sometimes dreams are the tricks our mind play on us. just like when you pop a dvd into a dvd player which is then hook to the tv (and thus lets you watch your favorite movie) so is our mind, we think about stuff, our mind projects it to our brain which then forward it to our eyes when we are in a relaxed state. smh for these nigerians and how they somehow tie everything to religion.. we need to stop being so uptight and try to see if god really cares about our physical appearance or our souls. #gofigure#

    • i wonder if you are aware there is more than meet the eyes in this world. if you are talking of educaation , you should be aware that what they taught you in school are to get you employed not to take you through such a very complex existence in a world of spiritual realism. what you dont know is known to many people. if you will allow a moment of humility you will learn so much. the truth is that people will continue to perish for lack of knowledge, not book knowledge, my dear. before you become a victim, open your ears to hear experices of others without jumping to conclusion hastily. your illustration is so childish.

    • Spiritual insights are never gained through ur academic textbooks.the battle between good and evil will always take its toll on the ignorant and arrogant ones.

  6. Competions among girls is one of the causes of all this rubbish. I do not know why girls are not always contented with the natural gift God almighty has given them, a girl no matter how uggly she looks, she will still attrack a man’s attention. I believe one of their reason for putting this artificial demonic hair on their heads is to attrack men, while forgetting that their natural hairs whether it is long or short, if properly taken care of, they will look very beautiful and would be free from every kind spiritual attack. Girls please for your own sake stop using artificial things to change yourselves, such as from black to yellow, slim to fat, fat to slim, small boot to big boot etc. God is never glorify in these kind of life.

    • Honestly, these hairs are used for sacrifices to Indian gods. You need to visit India and see for yourself. These hairs are supposed to be burnt after the donation and sacrifice but the “””” being greedy readily hand over these hairs to merchants that sieve it and process it before export. Other things you watch out for are the rings you buy. In India, different rings represent different birth charts(Astrology signs). Wearing a wrong ring provides nothing but hard luck, multiple ills and ……
      So many Nigerians rush to India for treatment of poison. What is the antidote? Cobra’s blood and some 0000, This makes the poisoned victim vomit the poison and so many other things you cannot imagine and afterwards the —– will tell you the content of the ejected.
      Be careful.

  7. Naija girls are never contempted with what they have. How can you take another person’s hair and attached to your hair. That’s a warning to all the ladies. U can make ur natural hair as good as theirs.

  8. I had a similar dream some yrs back, it is true. Pls ladies let’s be contented with our natural beauty,cos we are wonderfully made.

  9. keep it up sister. I am proud of you, cos you are saying the truth regardless of your status.

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