New York Based Nigerian Transgender Muslim Alfa Habeeb Lawal Noni Salma Renounces Islam

noni salma as a man

August 2nd, 2016 – New York Based Nigerian Transgender Muslim Alfa Habeeb Lawal Noni Salma Renounces Islam

Few days ago, shared with you an exclusive story of Nigeria’s first transgender Muslim, Alfa Habeeb Lawal…. If you missed it, please click here to read more.

habeeb lawal

About an hour ago, Habeeb Lawal who is now based in New York took to his official Instagram handle to denounce Islam.

In his words:

Check out the first video of Alfa Habeeb singing after his sex change surgery.

See latest photos of Habeeb Lawal below

23 thoughts on “New York Based Nigerian Transgender Muslim Alfa Habeeb Lawal Noni Salma Renounces Islam

  1. Listen Alfa Habeeb Lawal, now Noni Salma. Mr.,you can change your look through surgery, makeup, and dress, but you cannot change your brain, gene, bone structure, blood, DNA, and your true identity. Do you care to know what make you, you are now fake, dubious, ungrateful, and very sick individual with low self-esteem. You were born a very handsome man by God design, just because you want American Green Card you sold your soul to the devil. You tried but unsuccessfully to change your voice but your voice still sounds 100% like a man’s voice. It would have been better for you to hide your shameful, sinful, and disgraceful act to yourself instead of going public. One thing is to denounce Islam, the other thing is that true gospel of Jesus Christ is totally against your gender change. You were born a man with honor and dignity, look at what you have turned yourself to because of Green Card, greed, and low self-esteem. May God have mercy on us because our world is gradually turning upside down. Men now want to be woman, while some woman want to become man against God divine order. Noni or whatever you now called yourself, with time, you will realize the moral,emotional, and spiritual damages you have done to yourself. This is nothing but a massive pitfalls or demonic strap.

  2. And what kind of waist is this that looks like a log of wood? What I see apart from the breasts is very much masculine. This is very wierd. I am trying to understand how this man loves himself like this. He has damned himself already.

  3. Naija jist please stop bringing news about this condemned guy to this site. I don’t think hearing about him makes sense to anyone here.

  4. Be fooling yourself all around you are so ugly. even as a transgender, hahaaa you cant even get rid of your muscles, what a disgusting whore.

  5. well,this he she person has no common sense,what i shame do you know what i pity the parents,am sure they must have dis-owned him,stupid creature

  6. Laziness! He’s just afraid of getting married to a woman and paying all his bills conerning his wife and children and so decide to transgend to woman.

  7. If you are not a transgender male, then who are you right now?. After changing your sex hormone with toxic drugs and chemicals to enhance your feminine, are you still considering yourself as a man or she/he?. You left Nigeria to start living I don’t care life. Have you forgotten how you left home? Instead of trying to better yourself with the opportunity surrounded you, you choosed to become a gay because you are in free world. Alfa Habeeb you are not only a disgrace to your parent but a big disappointment to entire Nigeria. If your parents have 50 like you, they still don’t have children at all.

  8. Because he was born a Muslim doesn`t mean he was a Muslim to the extend that they are calling him Alfa Habeeb.Well,at least u can all hear from the horses` mouth.He was never a Muslim,so all y`all calling him first transgender Muslim should stop referring him so.Thank u.

    • he was born a Muslim and remained so till he renounced Islam. you have dirtier covert scums like him but he came out overtly!!

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