Nigeria At 58: Happy 58th Independence Day Nigeria!!!

nigerian 58th independence day

Nigeria became a sovereign state after the shackles of colonialism broke 58 years ago.

Nigeria has come a long way since 1960 but her people still have a long way to go to experience the true meaning of freedom.

As we celebrate her 58th year of freedom from the bondage of British Colonialists today, let the Federal Government realize that the people are the key constituents of governance.

It is very important that the Federal Government of Nigeria invest on the people to make Nigeria a better place.

We hope that just as Singapore progressively moved from a third world country to a first world country so would Nigeria from now on.

A Video Dedicated To Nigeria’s 58th independence Day.

Happy Independence Day Nigeria.!!!

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  1. shit hole country useless country ….nigeria has a country i spit on you ..never to return back. suffer head country

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