Nigerian Actor Ajigijaga Dies Of Infection After Bike Accident Bcos Colleagues Abandon Him – Family

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July 31, 2015 – How Saidi Balogun & Nollywood Stars Abandoned Ajigijaga Who Passed Away Today Two Weeks After Bike Accident

Yoruba Actor Ajigijaga Dies Of Infection After Bike Accident Because Nollywood Stars, Colleagues Abandoned Him – Family Source

If you think Nollywood stars love each, you may be wrong.

Another Nollywood star, victim of abandonment breathe his last breath today two weeks after a serious bike accident incapacitated him.

A source who visited the recently deceased veteran actor Ajigijaga’s family house today in Oke Oba Agege said his youngest wife is inconsolable. source said one of the late actor’s son wept bitterly this afternoon while accusing his late dad’s colleagues of abandonment.

Ajigijaga eldest son told our source that nobody visited Ajigijaga at home throughout his down time following a near-fatal motorcycle accident that happened on a movie set.

The late actor suffered a big cut on his left cheek, very close to the eye area.

Meanwhile his death has been confirmed by the President of The Golden Movie Ambassadors (TGMA), Saidi Balogun.

This is what Saidi said about the late actor:

 “Just last week, he called me to explain why he couldn’t attend our last monthly meeting. I can recall that he mentioned that his absence was due to injuries he sustained in a motor-bike accident about two weeks ago. “I was shocked this morning to get a call from one of his children that he has passed on. We shall miss his useful contributions to discussions on how to move the movie industry forward and instil discipline and professionalism in our members. Ajigi Jaga is dead”

He is being buried as the time of this report.

10 thoughts on “Nigerian Actor Ajigijaga Dies Of Infection After Bike Accident Bcos Colleagues Abandon Him – Family

  1. I have lost all my respect for Nollywood. How much will it cost them to help this dying man for God sake. I hope you are in a better place now

  2. Is it about nollywood? Or the family should take good care of him!maybe they kept waiting for nollywood and didn’t take him to the hospital for proper treatment. Yoruba people and the way they reason, later they will say it’s spiritual attack

  3. Balogun! Look at you, he called u two weeks ago, you can even say it out, since then what step do u make?

  4. nigerian actor why the you Let ajigijaga dies like this because of Likey of help you all forget that one day you all we say bye bye to this world and die and sleep the way Ajigijaga Is sleeping you colleagues abandon no mata what no call or visit a motorcycle accident that happened on a movie set Is you all buy house or car you we have money and time for that or If you Want to travel to u.s. we your fans ( R.I.P) Ajigi Jaga

  5. inna lillahi wa inna ilaehi raajihuun I convincingly boast of him that he practised islam though don’t have link with him presently but he prayed behind me more than twice when he visited my brother and I also met him in one mosque at ogba. said balogun should repent for his action because I witness one of ajigi jaga’s interview that said called him and prayed for him because he ajigi jaga made him to perform salat prayer regularly at the locations.

  6. Don’t blame them, if you don’t have much what are you going to do? People should not conclude that once you’re wearing good adire or Ankara it means wealth. Nollywood folks are bunch of Jamajama(hustlers) with responsibility at home. Please take it easy with our Amuludus(vivacious socialites)

  7. Tired of all these artists expecting a bail out each time they are in any difficulty. What happens to saving for a rainy day? This man had enough money to marry second wife few years back. All these years he’s been working as an artist was he not paid? It’s high time people should rise up to their responsibilities. May his soul rest in peace,

  8. U guys should stop pointing fingers haba is not rite why blame them? Is it not the same work they do? Wat make u guys feels they have the money to help since the victim doesn’t have or are. The working somewere else this thing is getting too much if some one died the familyy will start blaming nollywood is nollywood is family? If u they family fold ur arms and watch ur loved one died without running around 4 money hw will nollywood know haba there is God o

  9. RIP sir though u left a lazy family behind, how can a whole family depend On Nollywood for survival? the actors are his colleagues and they pay them too unlike him, if they are helping it should be willful not a must do or was Nollywood collecting his life insurance?
    when u guys work a little cash in the industry u flaunt around as stars living luxurious lives saving nothing to hold unto.
    All the same RIP Sir
    lesson for others though its pathetic that he had this accident on a movie set and no one could check on him after that, what a shame

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