Nigerian Actress Inem Peters: I’m Single & Looking For Tall & Rich Man For Marriage

inem peters single looking

Dec 2nd, 2017 – Nigerian Actress Inem Peters: I’m Single & Looking For Tall & Rich Man For Marriage

Meet Inem Peters, one of the fast-rising actresses gradually taking over the big screens with killer curves.

She is well known online for her taste for seductive outfits that leave her massive hips and backside on display.

The light skinned script interpreter told Inside Nollywood that 2017 is her best year so far, but also wants more to life than just a soaring career; she wants a rich, tall successful man for marriage.

According to her ;

“2017 has been wonderful. It has been very good. Movies, back to back. I can boldly say, it’s my best career year. I was in the same movie with top actors I have always admired.

The likes of John Dumelo, Wole Ojo, Jibola Dabo, Mike Godson, Frederick Leonard. It was such a wonderful experience, and really a big deal for me.

“Well, aside that, I’m still very single and searching and I like flaunting my backside on social media because that’s what my mother gave me.

I would like to settle down soon, but my ideal man for marriage must be rich, physically attractive, God-fearing and hardworking.

And yes, he must be tall, to compliment me because I’m just 5ft 6 inches tall.”

12 thoughts on “Nigerian Actress Inem Peters: I’m Single & Looking For Tall & Rich Man For Marriage

  1. NOT A BAD THING FOR A WOMAN TO HAVE preferences when it comes to men and their looks and sizes. But if wealth becomes a factor as well I would draw back from her even if I had wanted to go for her. Nothing stays forever in this world: It is like a rollercoaster–this moment you’re on top, next you’re below. And a woman who wants rich men may leave her man when he’s down in the lurch.

  2. You’re a big fool! Even if you need a rich man, should you say that publicly? Is saying that you need a rich man one of the criteria or quality that will attract men to you or send them away from you? Which man will ever accept and take seriously a woman who’s life focus is only centered on the man’s wealth? You’re really a big fool. This is why many of you often cry out your eyes and eventually become by force prayer warrior and desperate evangelist at the end of the day looking for any man to bear his name when no rich man of your dream come your way. The earlier you realize that not all that glitter is gold the better for. OMUGO….

  3. Well said @ Metu. Any woman that is into a relationship because of money will bolt away when the money is no more there or when she sees another man that is richer. For such women you can recognize them from afar and the best thing is for a smart man to play along cautiously to ravage her in and out (if you know what I mean). Let her smell the money buy not have much of it. It is like the sexual allegation hurricane sweeping through America now where women claim that their bosses lured them into sleeping with them some years ago some even as far back as 40 years ago now claim sexual harassment. Though their claims are not far from the truth, some of them are doing it as a revenge because the men did not marry them. Some of them threw themselves at the men thinking that will lead to marriage but when the man leaves them to marry another woman they harbor that bitterness.

  4. Americans are busy doing uterus transplant, while nigerians are busy looking looking for tall, rich men to marry, what is life.

  5. “God fearing” you added on there was just to confused people the more, it’s that simple YOU WANT A MAN WITH TOO MUCH MONEY AND 6ft”5TALL

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