Nigerian Army Kidnapped IPOB Leader Nnamdi Kanu’s Father During Palace Invasion – Council

nnamdi kanu father kidnapped abia state

September 22, 2017 – Nigerian Army Kidnapped IPOB Leader Nnamdi Kanu’s Father From Palace – Ibeku Royal Fathers Allege

Ibeku Traditional rulers Council on Thursday asked the Nigerian Army to produce their colleague, Eze Israel O. Kanu, who was allegedly abducted by soldiers when his palace was allegedly invaded and scores of people reportedly injured and others killed.

The council said since the invasion of Kanu’s palace, who is the father of leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), Nnamdi, they have not seen or heard from their colleague.

The monarchs said Eze Kanu, although he is Nnamdi’s father, did not do anything to warrant invasion of his palace and regretted that the request they made to President Muhammadu Buhari, to dialogue with IPOB, was not heeded.

At a press conference in Umuahia, capital of Abia state, yesterday, Chairman of the council, Eze Henry C. Ezekwem, said: “They have violated our requests, they have killed scores of our innocent people, the whereabouts of Eze Kanu is not known, the whereabouts of his family members are not known. Let Nigerian Christians all over the world come to our rescue.

“We thought that what is being practised in Nigeria is democracy, if it were the Police, and not army, one would have been able to endure it.

“Why should a government send troops to kill the people they claim to be protecting or are they just pretending to be protecting us and turning round to kill us all?

“Why should a country unleash its soldiers on harmless citizens?

“Constitutionally, it is hard for any group to come into a state to cause trouble without clearance from the governor, who is the chief security officer of the state.

“We condemn the action of the army, and call on the Federal Government, states, and our men in diaspora to come to our rescue now.

“We have never experienced this type of action since we were born; we condemn it.

“All along, traditional rulers from Ibeku ancient Kingdom have been advocating dialogue, we have been telling Mr President, ‘put this into dialogue, don’t kill,’ but today, they have violated our requests.”

The council also commended Governor Okezie Ikpeazu for his intervention in the face-off between the community and the army and noted that the action showed that he has the interest of the people at heart.
The council also condemned Umuahia Youths Movement, which gave Ikpeazu a 24-hour ultimatum to depose Eze Kanu. The monarchs said they had never heard of the group before. “We, the traditional rulers of Ibeku, have reasoned about the happenings, knowing very well that Nnamdi is now an adult, who cannot be told of what and what not to do by his father. He is s full grown man, with his own will and rights…”

We the Ibeku Ezes condemn that call, because we don’t know who they are and have not heard of a youth body like this in Umuahia.

“We are calling on government to bring those people to book so that we, the Ezes will pray against them and their action in our own ways. We also want to use this opportunity thank God for our Governor, who refused to do their bidding. We want the Government to tell us the offence of the Eze, why they should invade his palace, what crime did he commit to merit this atrocious act,” the council queried?

Traditional rulers that attended the meeting include: Eze Henry C. Ezekwem of Emede Ibeku autonomous community, Eze James A. Ogbonna of Amaoforo Ibeku autonomous community, Eze Iheanyichukwu Ezigbo of Ulabiri-umuchime-na Amanso autonomous community of Osah Ibeku, Eze Dionatus Aguiyi of Ndume Ibeku Autonomous community, Eze Philip Kachi Ukaegbu of Enyiukwu autonomous community, Eze Jogn Onyebuchi Ibezim of Amuzukwu Ibeku autonomous community, Eze Emmanuel Okchukwu Onwubariri of Azueke Ibeku autonomous community, Eze Chiabuotu Emelike of Ezeama Mgbaja Ibeku autonomous community and Eze Samuel I. Onuoha of Ibeku Ancient Kingdom.


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  1. These dumb people will not stop to make mockery of themselves publicly in their Southeast region and around the globe. They are now calling on all Nigerian Christian all over the world to help pray for moron of a guy and his most stupid father. Moron Kanu had insulted Nigerian Christian in his hate speeches several times, this stupid Igbo person has no records of decent jobs rather than becoming security guard and preachiing hatred and tribalism on his radio Biafran. He had openly praises Igbo gods that cannot give them victory in the last Biafran war, the hater and an idiot who is calling on his fellow haters to shun and leave any church with Yoruba pastors. The Ony One of Isreal doesn’t support aggressor and any hate group. He is already condemned by Heaven because his ideology of hatred, violence, and tribalism. He is a demonic agent with a mission from the devil because his father-devil needs great blood of those foolish hate group called IPOD. And Kanu doesn’t care about any Igbo as long as money is flowing in and his brainwash tactic is still working in the minds of haters that he is fooling. Only those core haters among Igbo still believe that lunatic Kanu is their freedom fighter from their hateful mentality. They wanted to play Isreal like they been doing, Israelis are no fools like them. Israelis govt conducted a DNA results of about 350 Igbo from all ages and Igbo states, in the end, the Israelis govt sent a well respected Raba to give them their worse news, the highly respected Jewish leader was in Nigeria early this year to publicly shamed them. He said and I quote,”The Igbo people have to put the record straight that they have no blood connection or lineage to Jewish and Isrealis people in any way. They wanted to be every other tribes or nation, which tribe in the world will axpect them as their own? I don’t know which country will expect Nigeria tolerates their greed, domination, and will allow them to live in others regions outside their little region knowly fully well of their inborn hatred and spirit of domination like our country and loving people of Nigeria? Let them leave Yoruba land, Hausaland, Middlebelt, and Southsouth region and stay all together in those Igbo states for just 4 months, and you will all see that these people does not even love themselves in any way. Shameful!

  2. @omokehinde….God bless you for this write up….i have told them thin man kanu is an agent of work is to keep donating bloods…and the foolish and gullible igbos are falling for him…..let them keeping fooling themelve as for his father he is a failure to himself and community as the igwe…if truely is been held they should keep him in underground cell and forget him there……

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