Nigerian Artist Goldie Harvey’s Death: The Bitter Truth By Al-Faruq

goldie harvey death

Feb 20, 2013 – Nigerian Artist Goldie Harvey’s Death: The Bitter Truth By Al-Faruq

This and many more of it happens in a country wherein people get millions both in local and foreign currency for playing football; a country wherein comedians shake hands with the President and women who kiss strange men on camera in the name of acting take home National Award and an immoral youth who made fame singing about his private part is given special opportunity to interview the President in a desperate campaign strategy because the thinking is that the community is populated by zombies and bimbos who will vote in a PHD holder on the “honour” of a nuisance whose only relevance to society, apart from lewd music, is competition in air and space. Thus the question every sane Nigerian should be asking is when will this madness of undeserved honour stop?

The death of the musician from Ekiti, Goldie Harvey, and the attempt to make it seem like we lost an icon is another and perhaps the worst of all these madness. I do not believe that death, which we will all face, should make you a hero except you died an honourable death. When people just drop dead we grieve and console the family not tell blatant lies as to who they were. This is why the statement of the Ekiti State Governor is worrisome. Mr. Kayode Fayemi is reported to have described Goldie as a “great daughter of Ekiti State” and one has to wonder upon what was this greatness achieved? Are people now great for singing meaningless songs with promiscuous suggestions or for taking and publishing suggestive photos of themselves?

Since when did we consider it greatness to appeal to the sexual cravings of perverts and run after men on camera in the name of a reality show that is far from reality? Since when did it become great achievement that a lady is even thought of as being a junkie in her life time? How can this be great?

In the past fathers will tell their children “don’t bring shame to this family” but nowadays shame and shamelessness is celebrated with such noise that you think the Devil himself is in charge of people’s life and even he has gone crazy.

Ironically, around the same period this unfortunate death occurred Governor Theodora Orji of Abia State was commending Mrs. Nwanyieze Prosper for winning the Purity Queen title for a lady who kept her virginity until her marriage; surprisingly some Nigerians criticized the Governor and even ‘accused’ him of giving her a car whereas Governor Kayode Fayemi was praised for describing Goldie as a “bright star” among other accolades including that she lived a “fulfilled life”. Indeed the world is upside down.

The problem with giving honour to people who did dishonourable acts is that people will definitely emulate them. The Dolly Parton’s of this world made it a fashion for women to expose their cleavage; years on women have lost their husbands to such exposure and homes have collapsed; the Dr. Dre’s of this world made being “gangster” a fashionable thing and years later the gangsters are increasing and we even have a gangster in the White House killing innocent people with Drones…. Martin Luther’s dreams became a Nightmare. And this list goes on and on; for every irresponsible person you honour you make irresponsibility the “swag”, the same way for every man who dies for his mother you honour you make standing up against oppression and protecting the weak the in-thing…. make your choice.

Lastly, we must clarify two issues. The first one is with regards to speaking “evil” about the dead while the second one is the “who are you to judge” comedy.

Firstly, the dead has already met what he or she put forward hence there is no need to speak of its evil. What there is need to do however is to either call the living to an example to live by if the dead is worthy of emulation or to warn the living to stay away from a wasteful lifestyle like that of the dead who lived life as if death was never going to come and this is the real lesson here; life is short, if you live it like Goldie your death may come and meet you in that state; what will you tell your Creator? We cannot pretend this is not the lesson here; it will be one lie too many

Secondly, they ask us not to Judge and we say to them since we are in the spirit of not judging kindly don’t judge the location of your mouth so that you put your food in your nose. We say to them that in this spirit of not judging please cross the road without judging that a vehicle is close enough to knock you down; maybe when you are in the air you will realise your stupidity.

We do not judge a person who has faith that he or she will be in the hellfire, we do not Judge that the person’s bad is more than his/her good, we do not Judge if God will forgive a believer…..but we judge that fornication and the promotion of it is EVIL, and that the one who represented evil dead does not make evil good.

Some others will say an adult can do what he or she likes and you don’t have to force your life on others. The question we have for this set of confused mentally colonized perverts is that this same justification is given to homosexuality and it will soon be given to incest so that if a grown up man and his grown up daughter say they fell in love and want to marry your kind will say well it’s their life, it does not affect me…. can you see now that you are sick?

Conclusively, the lessons from this unfortunate incident can be summarized as thus;

1) Death can come at any time; be prepared to meet your Lord.

2) Fame and fortunes are but illusions, what matters is your relationship with your Creator.

3) The enjoyment of this world is fleeting; don’t let it deceive you.

4) Live a good life; one that does not involve promoting lewdness or any type of evil; death and Judgment is real and it is no respecter of status.

5) It was the honour given her musical mentors that led the lady to not just music but a meaningless form upon which her life ended so let’s ensure that we do not turn scum into icons because people will sure emulate them.

May God Almighty give the family fortitude to bear the lost and guide them aright.

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Eseoghene Al-Faruq Ohwojeheri writes from Benin City, Edo State.

56 thoughts on “Nigerian Artist Goldie Harvey’s Death: The Bitter Truth By Al-Faruq

  1. Mr Eseoghene Al-Faruq,am so glad that you are among the 1% in Nigeria and those of us in abroad that have called a spade a spade.This was a lady that was not really a role model.She wanted to be in the same category as KIm K that followed the money to Nigeria not because she had something to contribute.Our artists(musicians ann nollywood so called stars)are not truly role models.People want to turn Nigeria into a morally decayed country like America.

    • Al-Faruq, your masterpiece should be developed into a tract to help our opinion molders to be informed. Your insights on theological ‘contradictions’ on speaking about the dead and judging are very fresh. Good and evil will co-exist for only short but the journey after we take the last breath is so real that the eternity in hearts will live out eternally only as good or evil exclusively. May your piece make us make the right choices.

  2. Yes, Once is a blue moon I have heard the truth as it is, Nigerians have so much emulated the western world and this is telling on us,in one way or the other the western world has stalked and assassinated our dignity and religion. Only if nigerians reasoned like you,Al-Faruq , our youths will grow with a better behaviour, because the government will have respect on reasonable people hereby causing our youths to emulate reasonable things. One again Mr Al-Faruq, I congratulate you for the exposition of the truth to nigerians and to the world at large.

  3. Thanks for your contribution, sycohancy is what is killing us. “birds of the same kind they say fly together” those who are pouring accolades on her are people of her kind whatever their status. If they like let them listening to a wise advice. It is appointed unto all men once to die and after that judgement

  4. 10k u sir for calling a spade a spade,i believe if everybody can come to gve dem all dis lie ‘cos it’s vewi bitter,Nigeria would b a better country nd by so doing we can realize our vision 2020(2)’To have zero tolerance for corruption’

  5. U need 2 kno dat a canal man cannot undstnd d tin of d spirit. They know not d Lord, dey only practice mere religion. Let’s kp on prayin 4 dem.

  6. esoghene,i thank you for this writeup,all what you’ve writting down here is nothing but the truth.our nigerian actors and artrist who claims to be models,star and whatever,i dont care,are turning this peacful country into something that i cnt just described..but what am happy for is that,the evil themselve try to introduce to nigeria is rather hurting and killng them,i thank God for this amen.

  7. You see nigeria is a country whereby immorailty and every other form of evil are ushered into the system by the so called role model?if I may ask?was goldie a role model?she lived a false double life?there’s a proverb that says whatever comes quick in life,goes quick.most nigerians want quick riches,every now and then we hear stories of how senators and big names in our society cart away with billions,all in the name of politics.The world would soon come to an End,why did I say this,because such alien like habits such as lesbianism(homosexuality),infidelity,prostitution,exposure of clevage,rapid growth of internet scam(Yahoo Yahoo)and so on are fast growing in a nation called nigeria.Its better to die in poverty and make heaven,than to live in evil riches and meet untimely death.May God have mercy on the Dead..

  8. Which do we bliv, is it D1’s claim dat Goldie died of pneumonia or Ogungbe’s claim dat she died of migrane. Do u think all Nigerians are daft. Say the bitter truth, Goldie was a junkie during her life. Let Kayode Fayemi who saw her as a great daughter of Ekiti choose her as a role model for one of her daughters, who knew she was a Yoruba girl talkless of Ekiti, what part of her fame and money did she contiribute to the progress or development of the Ekiti state, as if she was a proud indegene. Rubbish

  9. It’s high time the nail be hammered so that people should know that e have but a short time to leave. After this so called enjoyment, what do we have to show for this ? Nothing! I say, nothing. We should learn always to leave by this rule dt “all that glitters s not gold” and indeed “nothing lasts forever”. What do we have to show to our Eternal Father on how we lived our life on earth? If we die, where do we think we are heading to for everlasting? This should always be at the back of our mind. We should live a life worth emmulating and not deceiving.

  10. Al-Faruq,i love your faculty of reasoning.This is just the begining of there death they will die one after the other.Let watch out.Thanks man.

  11. I luv dis write up,its a wake up call to Nigerians who are carried away by al dis artist whose fame have made them stupid. Nigerians have forgotten their foundations and are being led astray by all dis so called people.

  12. Oh plssss! What nonesense is this??? Are you not a hypocrite?? Using the late girl’s fame to shine all in the name of ”telling the truth’?? Mtcheeeew…why didnt you write this when she was alive..or better yet send her a letter? Yes..she wasnt perfect,she was human..she made mistakes here and what?? She was a sweetheart and thats why everybody is touched…i am not saying your piece is completely full of crap but..this is the wroooong time and the wrooong attitude to go about it.Respect the dead!! If you have anything to say,pls go and tell her family privately or better yet Ekiti Gov…i dnt know what is wrong with you guys iswear! Smh…..say ur RIP nd shut ur mouth if u dnt ve anything else to say…i wasnt even a big fan of her’s..but i know where to draw the line…thats something you should learn,young man

    • Out of twelve there is always a Judas. Mayb U shud change ur name.
      If U refuse 2learn U may b d next .
      God forgives U.

    • please u are not getting his point whst he is saying is that people should learn lessons from the mistakes of the past and prepare for the future not saying bad about the dea. u may not be happy about this but it is the truth and the reality thank uuu

  13. Eseoghene Al-Farug Ohwojeheri my God must surely bless you, i complained about this in on comment i gave in punch and peole keep telling me how wicked i am. there are two types of music, music for God and music for devil. God love praises that is why he asked us to sing and praise him, but today people take it as a joke without understanding the things of spirit. Devil is ready to give you anything just to praise him for one see our actors and actreses tatooing their body and showing their private part. have you ever been to a night club or bar and see people dancing christain music? or to church and see people dancing P square, Tu face, D banj, and all the rest of them? be warned you people of nigeian. this girl goldie is a devil worshipper like the rest of them. if you need rest after death you have to work for it now not when you are dead, wishing you to rest in peace after death will not give you peace. i am happy that the devil that she was worshipping decided to take her to give others sign.

    • You can’t limit music to just two types. There are also music used to pass on good morales and the history of people. That’s called folks music and I believe it doesn’t praise God or honor the devil either.

  14. Blessed is the womb that birth you mr Al-Faruk

    You have spoken exactly my mind

    God will heal this Sick Nation and sick people in Government and in Authority

    They don’t even know what they are doing anymore

    God can not change

  15. Well said,Thank you Mr.Eseoghene.God bless u for saying d truth.I hv been wondering wat Goldie did dat wud make her an icon of national honour.What we hv in Nigeria are bunches of pretenders sure if Lucifer lived and died in our present world,many people will be quick to say”RIP dear,u were a true friend.We miss you.

  16. the truth be told. Al-Faruq, America has done this great evil to us. that country has captured our youths and turned them to zombies. they had use the defense of liberty to bound the sensibles and the sane up. they had killed the culture that exposed their own depravity and we are left with a bunch of youth being led in chains of immoral bondage, right inside their country. truth be said, i hqave a daughter and i want you to know that i pray fervently that my daughter will never be anything like that girl in life. better value still exist to live by, but it is sad that that madness that is spreading like ebola virus is even catching up with the leader. Gov. Fayemi disappoints me. let him say a simply prayer in the public if he is not an hypocrite. let him just say that he pray his own children live the type of life that girl lived. simple.

    what we sow today, will become a big tree with enough fruits for the unborn to meet and eat from. that girl was not great except in the land of PERVERTS.

  17. Personally, I feel everybody shud carry their cross! No sentiments. If she’s not good, let her face her creator, you have no right to write a book bcos of someone’s life. Nobody holy pass

  18. Very interesting and thought provoking! But like they always say TRUTH IS BITTER. If only we can all stop to reflect. We are really losing our sense of VALUES or bluntly put, we’ve lost it. Thanks a lot to people like Al-Faruq who keeps jolting us to reality every now and then. In our heart of hearts, we know u’re saying the gospel truth only failing, as usual, to admit or face it. Our time and place in this world is but ephemeral. Let’s retrace our steps. One again, I say a BIG THANK YOU. God bless and Cheers.

  19. Hmmm…AL Faruq ,be expecting negative reactions from some SHALLOW brains 2 dis facts in ur write-up bcos TRUTH is BITTER

  20. What shall it profit a man if he gains the whole world and loose his soul, what can a man give as exchange for his precious soul. Remember in hebrews 9:27 says, IT IS APPOINTED UNTO MAN TO DIE ONCE AND AFTER THAT COMES THE JUDGEMENT. heaven is real and hell is real, i so much pity my fellow Nigerian youths who take pleasure in promoting the idolatrous and adulterous act of people called stars. well it was like this in the days of Noah but the people heed not to his words and it came upon them unaware, however the bible is coming to fulfillment. please read the below message and be wise if you wish to be: 666 = The mark of the Beast
    The US Senate has passed the Obama Health Care’
    bill into law. The
    Would commence on 23/03/ 2013.This bill would
    require all Americans to be implanted with a Radio
    Identification (RFID) chip in order to access medical
    The device will be implanted on the forehead or on the arm. This is to fulfill the
    prophesy in the
    Book of Revelation 13:15-18 concerning
    the MARK OF THE BEAST! Are you still in doubt
    concerning the ENDTIME? GET READY! The rapture is
    near! Be prepared so you are not caught unaware.
    Live a good life, pray
    more, preach the GOSPEL to others and save souls.
    Revelations 13 is being played out right before
    Many are still unaware. (1) Why is the chip being implanted
    exactly where the Bible
    says it would be. Why on the hand and forehead.
    Why not anywhere
    (2) Why is it being connected to your bank account?
    Remember the Bible says you won’t be able to
    buy or sell without the mark. And guess what!
    The chip is connected to your financial details.
    What breaks my heart the most is that many
    people in the church will not make it if Jesus comes now? Many are unaware that the end is
    near. Don’t tell me that its advancement in
    technology or
    development. If any area of your life is not in sync
    with God’s word,
    its time to make a quick u-turn NOW… Repent and be converted. If you miss heaven
    you can never miss hell…think about it.
    Hell is not a pretty place, the worst part
    is that it is for eternity…Please rather than post
    and forward senseless messages and publish those
    Boko haram’s devilish accomplishments, join me to sound the
    Send to everyone you know..
    PLEASE play your part in this & don’t just stop,
    Do the work of an
    evangelist. I pray for you: Hell will not hold you bound Jesus
    Christ first. As lord
    and savior
    PLEASE !
    Share &Tag Your Friends

    i say tell the world, the whole wide world, bear the news from shore to shore tell the whole wide world of Jesus.his coming is eminent.BY APOSTLE GABRIEL ORLANDO

  21. what a touching advice,, oh lord my God forgive me all my sins,, bcos the bible said the wages of sin is death and after dat is judgement,, and he dat repented shall be saved. oh lord i came b4 u 2 let me used d world simple and have ur fear in my life,, family,, friends,, country and well wishers.. may her soul rest in peace

  22. Mr Eseoghene Al Faruq and Mysterybabe, infact, I am proud of both of u especially Mr Al- Faruq
    Sometimes, I taught only few all Nigerians back home are insane seeing what is happening nowadays, how people celebrate madness and worthless being and call it a living.
    In addition to what Mr Faruq said, the world has become a disaster and affected place due to the viruses we call stars or celebrities today, but it is not their fault, I mean, we have 3 major sectors to be put accountable for these messes:
    a) Leaders. (President, governors, Kings/Obas, houses representatives, human right forums and women right forums, e.t.c) the cabals that are destorying Nigeria with their selfish ambitions. Including bad parents of nowadays
    b) Missionaries. (Pastors and Alfas) those that never contributed to the development of humanity but went around buying Jets and Cars and other luxuries of life while the people around them are being mislead and living in hunger.
    c) Media. The greatest enemy of mankind, the unseen virus that never stop to grow in evil, the terrorist itself. It pretends to be the closest friend but bite worst than an enemy. All because it loses her guideline, surrenders herself totally to the evil ones, the Cabals and co.
    I hope the one day things will change.

  23. You say the truth. For me i just pray that God will grant me the grace to live a good life and help me see things in the right light.

  24. Quite an interesting and thought provoking piece! As the saying goes TRUTH IS BITTER. We’re simply losing our core VALUES as a society or, to put it bluntly, we’ve lost it due largely to wanting ”to belong”. If only we could all pause a little and reflect. It takes people like Al-Faruq to keep jolting us back to reality. I know in our heart of hearts that we all know he’s saying the gospel truh but, as usual, we don’t want to face it. What does that make us as a people? Well let’s just keep in mind that our time and place in this world is all ephemeral. There’s the hereafter which is far more everlasting. Thanks once again to Eseoghene for this wonderful piece and God bless. Cheers.

  25. Al-Faruq, my brother from another mother. Its good to know that there are still people like you out there. The world is up side down, our kids are been decived, lied to and manipulated by this so called music artist. You couldnt have summarised your report any better, it was the bitter truth. Many thanks, stay blessed and i know our God will continue to show himself in miracoulous ways. All things on the face of the earth is perishable!

  26. Well spoken, but try and give ur life 2christ &also live an examplary life wot of emulation not 2come on net and speak as if u are better than d unfortunate ones that cutup with suden death.

  27. Everybody should know God by now,and do what is right.But asfor bros orlando were did u get that fact from.Am inviting u to jos hill top court of christ to bear witness,were we give satan terrible judgment on earth. Bros b sure.

  28. Truth is bitter to lovers of evil. If they like, let them call her the greatest Nigerian woman; God cannot be bribed. If she didnt repent of her evil, it’s hell fire straight. No, “chere kam bia!”. She led many astray to the devil. Her music and carriage never appealed to me; I saw her as one of the agents of Satan. Celebrities shd repent and look back where they’re coming from and stop copying wayward ways from the West. God is warning them.

  29. God is the same yesterday, today and forever. “Fame and fortunes are just illusions, what matters is your relationship with your creator…”

  30. What some of you do in ur closet can not be reveal to the world. Cos the actrocities is too much! Yet u come out online to talk like a bishop. Don’t worry, judgement day is near! We shall all face our judgement one by one.

    • The fact that you don’t want to hear the truth doesn’t mean it should not be told. If you don’t accept it, there are others who would. If we don’t speak up, our youths will be deceived and posterity will not forgive us.

  31. True talk my broda.
    How wl they rest in peace when they left lives, marriages in pieces.
    I hav warned dem 2pray o, many more are going.

  32. TPls I wil advice that we allow d families to mourn nd forcost our attantion to what really concern us. Do not judge the dead. GOD knw her more than we do. All this condemination can not bring her back to life. We r in a country where d poor are forgotten and totally humilated . So my dear I strongly believe that she worked so hard to excape poverty. Respect that. If she is a whore, yes. U made her to be. All u dat mock her now ve the apple chance to make her better but know u did not do it. Is quite unfornuate that she died like ds. But I boldly said she is better than most of u out their. May her gentl soul rest in peace. She is an icon for what she knw best to do.

  33. I really do nt hv mch wrds to say…i live evrytin for God…bt my advice is dz…we’r nid to b sted fast….in prayers n expecially….draw closer to God coz satan is out to kill,destroy n to devour….may God hlp us.

  34. rubbish al faruk my foot seeking popularity why did you not write this a year ago and why not use someone else……it wont draw attention with your evil intention to run people down so that others will praise as alot of people are doing here already you are not better of than the poor gal you are even worse the truth is bitter indeed i expect you to go to the street corners share fliers talk to drug dealers hoes gangsters politicians to change and not some dead person just to make a name for yourself on the internet the was susan before goldie but people like you always wanted to put her down and now that you all have succeeded you still wont let her go even in death shame on you all that i know is the truth that is bitter nobody holy pass

  35. GOD bears me witness, untill last wednesday i guess dat wz d day dey said she died i had neva in my life heard of dat name GOLDIE HARVEY! I had to literally google dat name to know who she was & frm wich country bcos d news wz jst everywhere… Dey said she wz a celebrity; i hope & pray dat angels are truly celebrating her o!. Let he dat nameth d name of CHRIST depart frm whaaaatttt??? Iniquity!!

  36. Al faruk u are a big fool for calling obama a gangster …infact I think u are a terrorist , dis man is a member of d bokoharram sect ..look at his mindset so so against westernization …set ursef ablaze like ur fellas do …

  37. when the truth is being said…when the word of God is sent to u, Humans always want to pretend they don’t hear; satan always there to turn their hear deaf. For the word is God is true. May God Help Us All.

  38. when the truth is being said…when the word of God is sent to us, Humans always want to pretend they don’t hear; satan always there to turn their hear deaf. For the word is God is true. May God Help Us All.

  39. Let he who is witout sin cast D̶̲̥̅̊ first stone. I’m nt suprised dat even Christians who shld knw beta wuld applaude dis rubbish of a sanctimonious muslim. If JESUS culd give Mary Magdalene a second chance 2 a decent living n forgive her sins, if D̶̲̥̅̊ same Jesus culd forgive an almost dead sinner on D̶̲̥̅̊ cross n keep a place 4 him in heaven then who r u 2 open ur mouth n judge a daughter of God? If U condemn Goldie God will condemn U as welL. Just b sure u r holier dan Virgin Mary. Its ppl like u who will stone ppl 2 death n feel GƠ̴̴͡.̮Ơ̴̴̴͡D bout it. N I’m sure u all condemned D̶̲̥̅̊ ALUU incident. Hypocrites!

  40. You are a very stupid girl or boy. Y would he want to use a dead for his living?he has spoken d truth nothing but d truth. Am sure u are a rebellious child furnace fire await u. Oloshi oloriburuku omo ale, God will strike dat ur flat mouth…………..daaaayeeeeeeskaaarrr. U better change ur ways. AM PRoud of u Al-farouq write more me i support u.

  41. This is terrible, why speak Ơ̴͡Ƒ̶̷̩̥̊͡ the dead just to get cheap publiicityyy here? Goldie is dead but her memories remains fresh, I love her bcos she was good at what she does, don’t judge her cos u didn’t creat her, she knew what she wanted and went for it, some Ơ̴͡Ƒ̶̷̩̥̊͡ yyou till you die dey willl not even know you in your family not to talk Ơ̴͡Ƒ̶̷̩̥̊͡ nigeria, if they should open your closet then u will know goldie was even much better and holy than u hypocrites… hell with u farook

  42. despite the facts that her memo has been forgotten, each time think of her i feel maudlin all around me

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