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Nigerian Bishop Says Jesus Against MMM, Narrates How Christ Beat Up Money Doublers In The Bible

jesus against mmm

December 17, 2016 – Nigerian Bishop Says Jesus Against MMM, Narrates How Christ Beat Up Money Doublers In The Bible

Bishop Stephen Ogedengbe, founder and head of Evangelical Ministries (Wisdom Chapel), located in Shasha, Lagos comfirmed yesterday that MMM scammers have found their way into the house of God.

While reacting to stories of many Christians engaging in the scheme, Ogedengbe, who likened MMM to money doubling and wonder bank, said that Jesus Christ had beaten up money doublers in His days.

“The money doublers are those who are selling gold, soothsayers and those who are doing franchise in the house of God.

The house of God is for evangelism and for salvation. People who are in this attitude and this transaction of MMM, they are looking for magic, not miracle.

So, if you want to be rich, you have to be rich in the Lord and by the grace of God, through hard work and through prayer and genuine transaction. “So, MMM is unrealistic profit and gains.

The arithmetic is simple: it uses the money of A to pay B and B to pay C and C may not even get his or her own money eventually. It is manipulation and distractions. It’s making our nation to be lazier.

We just need to go back to hard work, to creativity, little and smaller trading and entrepreneurship. We need to make our country to work, not sitting down and expecting money doublers who just came to play on the intelligence of Nigerians and vulnerable men and women.” In like manner, Anthony Cardinal Olubunmi Okogie, also called the scheme gambling.

He said it would be unfortunate if Christians who supposed to know better were into it.“It’s really unfortunate that Nigerians are now so gullible to be deceived by mere 30 per cent incentive of some dubious individuals.

“For the pastors that are aiding and abetting the programme, they too are guilty. Or, is it their business to come and be preaching MMM to their congregation? Let people face the consequences of their foolish actions,” Okogie said



  1. dada

    December 17, 2016 at 6:25 AM

    ok if i come to you for help can u provide it. this is 9years l have graduated my salary is still 25 thousands naira l cannot marry, l cannot help my people. the little farm am cultivating fulani heardsmen destroyed it so what do you want me to do in my life. now in the church l cannot pay my tithes despite preaching of tithes every sunday because of this my church attending is ocassionally. ps if you cannot help the situation dont add to our poverty

  2. Endure

    December 17, 2016 at 12:44 PM

    @dada I really feel for your situation. Sorry for that. No doubt our governments are to be blame and be held responsible for the serious economic downturn besetting our nation which has so far resulted to an increased in number of graduates touring the streets across the country with no hope of finding a sustainable job. MMM on the other hand has exploited that vacuum and purloin people’s hard-earned money thereby sending waves of panic and tears among it participants in it final stage of it collapsed!

    Now the simple question is,how has this ponzi scheme help alleviate the suffering of many nigerians when the money you are being giving is provided by someone else who is not even sure he or she would receive such help during its own time. The point is,multitudes of people who are participating in the ponzi scheme will definitely and illegally have their money syphon either at the threshold of the scheme or during when it finally collapsed. Again in that situation one can simply ask that, what help has such ponzi scheme provided to such ones? Nothing other than disappointment,tears,pain and sometimes suicide for those who have invested heavily in it.

    So economic situation in the country should not be yardstick for engaging in a scheme that will end up making us having high blood pressure. Once again who are we to blame the most? Government of course! It is so pathetic that nigerians don’t even no where they are heading at the moment. Government have made endless promises with no single one coming into fulfillment. Yet the worst is what we’ve seen lately ranging from lack of forex to run the nation’s economy to the heavy blockade of importations of foreign goods while we are yet to produce the needful.

    In view of this,let us then be mindful of the way we use the little money we have so we don’t end up ruining ourselves completely.

  3. sola olaniyi

    December 17, 2016 at 8:01 PM

    MMM this….MMM that

  4. Endy

    March 5, 2017 at 5:46 PM

    Mmm is real you like it or not

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