Nigerian Boko Haram Movie Producer Arrested In Ghana (John Dada Adedayo)

boko haram movie producer arrested ghana

August 19, 2013 – Nigerian Boko Haram Movie Producer Arrested & Jailed In Ghana (John Dada Adedayo)

A Nigerian movie producer who recently released a movie titled Boko Haram has been arrested in Ghana.

John Dada Adedayo is currently in police detention for releasing the controversial movie without getting a go ahead.

He was arrested after he allegedly refused to wait for the Ghana Cinematography Exhibition Board to censor certain parts of the movie before distributing it in the public.

He was arraigned before a court presided by Audrey Kocuvie Tay and charged for refusing to subject the movie to censorship laws.

He has denied any wrongdoing and his trial will commence today.

Narrating events leading to the arrest of the accused person, the prosecutor, DSP Cletus Abadamloora said the complainant is Alfred Kumi Atiemo and a member of the Ghana Cinematography Exhibition Board (GCEB) while the accused person is a producer and a Nigerian living in Ghana.

He said on July 4, 2013, the accused person produced a film called ‘Boko Haram’ and sent it to the GCEB for clarification and approval but failed to wait for their approval.

The prosecutor noted that Adedayo started distributing the film to the public and when the cinematography board was informed it launched investigation into the matter.

In addition, the police officer stated that the board, during the course of operation in July, found that 10,000 copies of the film had been distributed and also found that 700 copies of the film were on the market.

Furthermore, he said a search on the accused person revealed 913 copies of the film. He admitted distributing the said copies and the board lodged a report with the police.

So Ghana people fear Boko Haram people or what?

I believe there are more terrible movies in Ghana today so why is Adedayo’s own an exception?

Chei! Naija people dey suffer for Ghana o.

9 thoughts on “Nigerian Boko Haram Movie Producer Arrested In Ghana (John Dada Adedayo)

  1. Dis we tell on naija dat d lawlessness we practice on our father can’t b tolerate in other country,pls our leaders nd so called celebrities shld ve respect 4 our rules nd regulations.

  2. wetin he go do there… He deserves more than arrest… Ghanaian see us as boko haram people.
    Come home and make ur fatherland great coward….

  3. Why didn’t he wait for censorship, whose fault is it?
    Let him pay the price and go to jail or whatever.

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