Nigerian Celebrities Want Obama To Take Over From Buhari

nigerian celebrities obama

Top Nollywood celebrities now think it is a good idea to bring Obama over to solve Nigeria’s leadership problem for the next 8 years.

Monalisa Chinda, Omotola, Rukky Sanda few hours ago expressed their thought on the social media and even offered to pay Obama to take over power for the next 8 years.

See their message below

ng hire obama
nollywood hires obama

Although dream do come true but this can will never come to pass. Even Obama too knows that Nigeria is a no go place for him.

Keep dreaming people.

4 thoughts on “Nigerian Celebrities Want Obama To Take Over From Buhari

  1. It is so bad that you guys cant even trust a Nigerian to be Nigerian president again. Your thoughts are foolish though

  2. The corruption in Nigeria stinks to high heavens that only God can solve the problem. Though I think this is a joke, bringing Obama or any other world leader to come and solve our corrupt ways will not work. Apart from God sending one of his Angels for the solution to our problems, which the angel will not willingly come (remember that the devil was once an angel that God banished) for fear of being corrupted, the Rawlings or French type solutions might make a dent.

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