Nigerian Drug Dealer Hides Cocaine In Loud Speakers: NDLEA Arrests Maduagwu Nnaemeka Charles In Kano

cocaine inside loud speakers

Nov 28, 2013 – Nigerian Drug Dealer Hides Cocaine Inside Loud Speakers: NDLEA Arrests Maduagwu Nnaemeka Charles In Kano

A 28-year-old Nigerian man identified as Maduagwu Nnaemeka Charles has been arrested at the Malam Aminu Kano International Airport, MAKIA, Kano, northwest Nigeria by operatives of the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency, NDLEA, for being in possession of 3kg high-grade pure cocaine worth N81 million.

Charles was nabbed at Kano airport on his arrival from Brazil on board Egypt Air Flight No. MS 879.

He had boarded Ethiopian Airline Flight No. ET 507 from Sao Paulo to Cairo in Egypt from he beat all security blocks, but luck ran out on him as he arrived MAKIA when operatives of NDLEA suspected his movement.

Ambrose Umoru, NDLEA Commander in-charge of MAKIA said it took his men about 14 hours to discover the cocaine neatly concealed inside two loud speakers.

“His flight arrived on the night of 20 November. Throughout that night, we searched and searched but could not discover anything. In the morning of 21 November, my men continued the search and that was when we discovered white substances concealed inside the loud speakers and when tested, it turned out to be cocaine.

“From what we observed, the cocaine was taken to the factory where the speaker was manufactured and they fitted the substance in the hollow of the speaker, this is a new trick used by drug merchants to beat security checks.

“I want to make it clear that Brazil produce highest grade of cocaine in the whole world. There is no way you can take this one as it is raw directly inside the market. What they do is to dilute it and when that happens, this 3 kg. could multiply into 9kg. and you are talking of about N81 million.”

ccording to Umoru, investigation has shown that the cocaine was to be received and distributed in Kano, “and if this arrest was not made, the havoc this drug would have caused to our youths and the society remain unimaginable

“It took the ingenuity of the eagle-eyed operatives of the Command to discover yet another mode of concealment by these merchants of death. Let me assure the general public of the Command’s desire to make MAKIA uncomfortable for drug merchants.

“I also warn drug barons and couriers that the Agency will continue to discover their modus operandi and nab them in their criminal act. It is in their best interest to regard MAKIA a no-go area as any courier that attempts to use this airport would be promptly arrested.”

Charles in a chat with newsmen admitted to have been in possession of two loud speakers, but denied knowledge of the dangerous substances concealed inside them.

“Yes I was caught with 3 kg of Cocaine but I didn’t know what I was carrying. I was only trying to help a stranger who identified himself as a Nigerian in Brazil

“When I was making call, he discovered I was travelling to Nigeria and he pleaded with me to assist him deliver the loud speakers to somebody here in Kano.

“He gave me an MTN Sim card and asked me to activate it once I got to Nigeria so that the owner of the loud speakers would call me for his property, but little did I know that cocaine was concealed inside the loud speakers. I don’t even know the owner, I was just trying to help,” he lamented. Charles said he had survived in Brazil for a year and six months loading trucks at the park, “all this while, I have engaged in menial jobs. The last job I got before leaving for Nigeria was in a lorry park where I load trucks. These menial jobs have been sustaining me; I don’t know how I got myself into this mess.”

[Reported by Maduabuchi Nmeribeh/Kano, PM News]

20 thoughts on “Nigerian Drug Dealer Hides Cocaine In Loud Speakers: NDLEA Arrests Maduagwu Nnaemeka Charles In Kano

  1. Charles is a very dumb and lazy man
    I wish our most of these drug dealers can wake up to reality by working with their own hands.
    There is no way out expect work

  2. U can´t dilute 3kg of cocaine and get 9kg.some of dis ndlea na pure bcos d guy no settle inform them b4 he come back.

  3. 3kg cocaine for 81 million?half baked journalist.make i help una small.1kg of cocaine is 4.8million x 3= ?.even cocaine 4 china no reach dat about.hisssssssss

  4. This is the most unreal excuse ever and by any chance you were telling the truth, you deserve the punishment of 3g of cocaine worth due to your stupidity. How could a stranger just walked up to you with speakers to deliver to someone who is going to call on your arrival on a new sim. You people are smarter than that rubbish you are venting or can l come your shop in ladipo and say oga l abeg make l see may be this brakes go fit my car l dey come? No way,you go follow n still sell me the wrong breaks. Ole… may you live long to learn in girigiri

  5. Stella,how did u know all these analysis?am just sick and tired of all these ******,they will never stop tarnishing the country’s image with this there act of greediness.

  6. Nice try Charles, you should have first consider your line of defense and the repercussion it will bring upon your stupid brain before walking the deadly trail of the trap you set for your sorry self. Do you think the NDLEA are as dumb as your dumb-ass. Not even a retard will believe your rhetoric.
    Long live in jail pal.

  7. wrong timing bro..had it been u scaled thru,u for hammer this xmas..if u are strong to push drugs ,be stronger to take the heat from the law enforcements

  8. Charles you really try but u need more effort to push it in …. but in all may God help you in this Condition..

  9. Lmao poor Igbo boy no shit I am ibo boy I hustle to make money not on drug deals ok so stay well for jail u deserve it mumu

  10. E no easy my broda…..this Xmas don do u over take…..but sometimes i don’t blame 9ja guyz cuz the government is also lazy datz why our boyz do anything to survive…..GOD have mercy on 9ja and Make Charles to quit his crime root…..AMEN !!!

  11. Chei,chei,chei,eyha.Brother Nnameka,so after your weliweli past Brazil,sidon for hours for plane,They wipe the sweat way dey follow come for that type of biz,you allow yourself make naija arrest you,wetin this car dealer wey dey wait for you go do now,Even the babes,and the big boys club,chei,bros you fall hand.Nikita lachakwa gi anya ewu Christmas.

    • that is the game.what of PDP,APC,OIL MINISTERS,all the Governors that are taking Nigeria money to another country,are they not as bad as the boy.bro take heart

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