Asari Dokubo’s Arrest: MEND Vows To Attack Benin Republic

asari dokubo arrest

Nov 28, 2013 – Asari Dokubo’s Arrest: MEND Vows To Attack Benin Republic

The largest militant group in Niger Delta region of Nigeria, MEND (The Movement for the Emancipation of the Niger Delta) has vowed to attack the Republic of Benin if Asari Dokubo is not released.

Asari Dokubo was arrested on Tuesday in Cotonou over his involvement in illegitimate business activities.

MEND has released a Press statement.

Below is an excerpt from the PR:

Even though Mr Asari Dokubo, along with some Niger Delta myopic and corrupt Tribal Assemblies like the Ijaw National Congress (INC), Ijaw Youth Congress (IYC), Ijaw Monitoring Group (IMG), South-South Peoples Assembly (SSPA) and Elder Edwin K Clark gloated or kept silent over Henry Okah’s setup, arrest and conviction, we will remember the role Mr Asari Dokubo had played in the unfinished struggle before he was bought off along with several others.

If diplomacy fails to prevail, we will not rule out any form of attacks on the Republic of Benin’s interests.

MEND vows not to abandon Asari Dokubo in Benin Republic. The organization also promised to do everything possible to ensure his release.

Since his arrest on Tuesday night, Asari’s whereabouts remains unknown.

15 thoughts on “Asari Dokubo’s Arrest: MEND Vows To Attack Benin Republic

  1. MEND ori yin ti daru o
    Do you think your empty threats that didn’t work in Nigeria will work in Benin Republic?

  2. It’s only in Nigeria that you guys can make mouth
    You try it in Benin Republic, you will know what they are made of

  3. mend can beat benin republic any tym any day, let me tel u guys PH alone is bigger than benin let alone d whole niger deltans put together. Benin republic wil cry if MEND mistakingly remenber them. I know what am talking

  4. MEND or what you people called self please i beg you guys to carries out your treat please, you people will discover what this people are mede from their police doesnt take bribe or hear sorry

  5. why worry mend? Dokobo has been going to all the tv channels in nigeria speaking how he is not afraid of prison,now he finds one in benin republic why not allow him to make there his residence for some years. like leader like followers. talk is free, you guys can also attack america as well.

  6. asari dokubo whatever ur name is sometimes ago u told buhari that if u are arrested nigeria will become history, benin republic that is not up to nigeria u are arrested and nothing happen go jail

  7. U ppl r currently knwn as militants. Over-step ur bounds in2 Benin & u’d b upgraded 2 terrorists. U knw wat dat means. U’d b placed @par wit boko haram.

  8. U ppl r currently knwn as militants. Over-step ur bounds in2 Benin & u’d b upgraded 2 terrorists. U knw wat dat means? Parity wit boko haram.

  9. Wc GEJ waz 9va Elected @ all Why Yar adua com die leave us wit dump leader….Asari disown 9ja months back now upon his illegal biz in his new found home country @d end he waz flown in 9ja prez private jet citizens earn tax….F**k MEND

  10. mend,a brainwashed group decievd by this ungrateful lad.he has been feasting on their resources and stashn it out for personal gains.attack them for wat?talk is cheap guys.after all he denounced his naija citizenship

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