Nigerian Frowns At Jumoke Orisaguna’s Success Story, Peter Adeosun Disagrees With Nigerians

jumoke orisaguna

Feb 23, 2016 – Nigerian Man Frowns At Jumoke Orisaguna, Bread Seller Turned Model Success Story, Peter Adeosun Disagrees With Nigerians

I don’t like the Jumoke, the bread-seller-turned-model’s story. And I’m sad about how it has become an ‘inspiring’ story that’s circulating all over social media. I’m happy for her and I congratulate her but that’s just about it.

The way people have gone about it is comical to me and also insults my reasoning. It bugs my mind. First of all, why has it made so much news around here? Because we’re a superstitious people under prolonged suffering and oppression.

The situation in the country has made people hopeless on what to do to achieve any level of comfort in life. So we’ve resigned to fate. So when they hear the story of someone that ‘achieved’ something great (more like ‘that something great happened to’) without any effort, it touches us in some serious ways. In a country where opportunities abound, this lady’s story would’ve made rounds but not at this intensity.

Next thing, everybody has loads of her pictures on their phones. I’m worried! Why aren’t I happy about it? Because one, it’s a sign of how much we’ve fallen in our expectations in life. We no longer believe in what we can do for ourselves.

Rather, things that are not our making (e.g. being born a slim instead of fat person) are now what we rely on to make it in life. As if this lady put in any work or intelligence to have that height & body shape… And two, because it speaks to our innate desire to want to achieve something without much effort. Everybody wants divine favour. People don’t even mind if they don’t deserve what they’ve got.

They just want to get what they haven’t worked for. That’s why they fill up churches & camps everyday — unmerited favour, overnight success, etc. What a sorry set of people we are! No economy can develop with that mindset. Of course, we’re all happy that MSc. holders are finding it difficult to rent an apartment in Lagos.

jumoke the breadseller

The drama of an illiterate bread seller that now lives in a posh estate is sweet enough for us to relish. If you say she’s gotten the reward of her diligently hawking her bread, I’d feel better. But that someone became overnight success without any effort is a good thing but not to celebrate so orgasmically.

Of course, she has become prayer points, just like Goodluck Jonathan became prayer points. And when Linda too would share her success story, didn’t she play down the hard work part & promote the divine favour part? And the Jumoke lady too has attributed her stuff to God. She’s right. She neither used her brain nor her diligence. Just God. That’s the kind of story we like in Nigeria. Story of God. No wonder God has developed our economy without our brain & diligence!

Naij made a video about her & tagged it ‘Miracles do happen!’ We like miracles, things that happen that we can’t explain. God’s plan & purpose. & all other nonsense. No wonder Lagos-Ibadan expressway, the busiest road in Africa, gets locked up for a few days every month. No wonder we don’t want to work. If you work hard & you make it, your success has an explanation & God doesn’t want your success to have an explanation as he doesn’t like to share his glory with anyone including you.

So he prefers to bless you by grace, without your work. Just like Jumoke. Let’s pray for this unmerited favour to develop Nigeria & remove the bad roads, improve the value of Naira & the unemployment rate! Unfortunately, if you think this is a miracle, you’ve missed it. There’s nothing miraculous about this.

And if you’re to celebrate a fluke that happened to only one person & might never happen to anybody else in the next 200 years, shouldn’t you wake up from the fantasy of the Disney Wonderland? Why should a freak occurrence to one person increase the hopes of 180 million people? Why shouldn’t we celebrate what a large number of people with some level of certainty can aspire to achieve?

But of course, I’m assuming that we’re a serious people. No wonder our politicians embezzle large sums of money once they assume office: we all love overnight, unmerited success, don’t we? The holy book says ‘the race is not to the swift…and wealth is not to the intelligent…’, doesn’t it? Victories without swiftness & wealth without intelligence is your portion: oya take it now (using Oyakhilome’s voice)! Pscheewww!

Of course in Nigeria, all our celebrities are entertainers, pastorpreneurs, & politicians. They’re the ones our kids look up to. None of the big companies sponsor competitions in science & academics. They all sponsor music, drama & modeling talent shows.

You see how a bank has quickly grabbed Jumoke & made her their ambassador? And they want to inspire us with her story saying ‘If you believe it, you can achieve it’? Yes. She believed & with no effort at all, it materialized out of thin air! No wonder we voted en masse for Goodluck Jonathan. Overnight, untested successes.

Wonder no further about why we’re backward in industrialization & technological development. We don’t need it. We don’t need more PhD’s & improved universities. All we need are more Jumoke’s, overnight successes, & lottery winners.

We don’t need inventors & successful business people. Let’s just get many more slim girls out of bread hawking into modelling & they’ll ‘take us to the moon’ (quoting GEJ, January, 2015).

32 thoughts on “Nigerian Frowns At Jumoke Orisaguna’s Success Story, Peter Adeosun Disagrees With Nigerians

  1. Umh, my brother na soooo. Nigerians like good things but they don’t like to work hard to get it… unmerited favor runs everybody dey. That’s why the lazy-hands in Nigeria, are the Boss of hardworking individuals. When you work hard in your family….expect your lazy and pleasure hunger siblings and other family members to be your enemies once you make it….failure to give unmerited favor to them…na trouble and next armed robbers too go come, whenever they like (day/night) to collect. This are our Ogas

  2. Writer, I love your style. I love as well your point. But I don’t know if or not I totally agree with you. It is true that the Nigerian’s mind had long been sold to depravity, extreme suffering and the likes. Our polititians could be thanked for this. The intense hardship we face in this country has made us very religious, albeit superficial. When religion becomes the hope of a displaced and frustrated man, that religion is hardly genuine. It is bound to be misunderstood, miscalculated.

    Yet we may rejoice with Jumoke because she was not lying like a sloth in her bed when this fortuitous fate slammed on her: she was, on the very contrary, diligently engaged in her bread-selling endeavour. There is nothing wrong if I pray her fate to extend to me, provided that I am in the mean time engaged in a lawful struggle to survive. It can only be wrong if I fold my hands and wait a god of prosperity to blow his wind over my face.

    If Jumoke’s fate happens to fall on you, you would sing her song, and–who knows?–with even a sweeter voice.

  3. I concur with you write, we have this get rich quick syndrome in us and that’s why we can’t stop being dubious in nature, may God help us sha.

  4. Writer,people with your kind of mindset are rare to find in are absolutely write.some body waiting for miracle to be rich will die’s like somebody waiting to win a lottery to be rich ,while miracles sometimes do happen its one in 100 million Boeing enengineers in Seattle are working on an aircraft that will fly in in 2050 with 1010 (one thousand and ten passengers )and travel at a speed twice the speed of sound covering a distance between Lagos and London in less than 3 hours and Boeing is spending 1 billion dollars yearly in this project. And are giving assurance that just like their jumbo jet the 747 was a reality in 1965 this machine will be airbone on a date in africa what we research and develop are pastor’s who will make you hit your head on the wall in the name of deliverance by merely blowing you with his mouth and people are rushing to him saying that he is doing wonders.


  6. Pls, Before I get annoyed with people, i like to understand the reason for their ranting. I want to ask this writer what the GOOD goodluck Jonathan has to do with this overnight-turned-celebrity bread seller?? I dont understand your comparison. If you are looking for where to vent your political frustrations, pls direct it to your Presnt President who promised us Heaven-on-Earth during his Campaign and 9months down the line has not been able to pin anything down to a viable progress, instead he’s touring the whole world on sight seeing blocking his ear with ear piece. All the things GMB crtisized GEJ about, God made sure those are the areas he’s confused aout, to show you that God is not a man!!!! FOREIGN EXCHANGE=0, ECONOMY IMPROVEMENT=0, FUEL PRICE=!!!!!. WHAT HAPPENED TO ‘I WILL MAKE FUEL 50.00” ONCE IM IN POWER….LIARS!!!!!!!!!!! TELL ME IN THE ENTIRE HISTORY ON NIGERIA WHEN WE HAVE HAD IT THIS BAD B/COS OF GMB. RESPECT YOUR SELF OOO

    • The writer compared Olajumoke with Goodluck because when he became the President from being a VP, everyone rejoiced with him and used him in their prayer point. You should have asked someone else before you stomped off and extended her comparisons to Buhari and………………………………..


  8. Thank God u already say it urself, dat d situation in d country has made people hopeless on wot 2 do 2 achieve any level of comfort in life.

  9. I am not sure what the writer is complaining about but I guess he is a very hard worker and intelligent too…I also see a frustrated fellow…u know being so intelligent and hardworking and nothing to show…and seeing an ‘ordinary bread seller who have done nothing to deserve this attention…it really saddens him…sorry peter. Whether u like it or not…miracles do happen..and it does not happen everyday..thats the reason why it’s called that..pray for ur miracle to happen…There is no point in venting your anger and frustrations on this poor bread seller

  10. I’m sooo happy for d babe,….now d wahala in my area now is if u see d way dis bread sellers they baff up dis days enhhh,its now competition ooo of who wud be d next jumoke!!!!

  11. let me prove the writer wrong destiny has nothing to do with Nigeria situation u might av first class very intelligent it as nothing to do with destiny, so wen God says its ur turn just grab it once, b happy with Olajumoke cos she doesn’t no that day will b d day God will encounter her destiny. haba

  12. Why we are celebrating Jumoke’s success is because she is not a PHd holder and can still be recognised in a country where you are nobody if you can’t speak English.

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