Nigerian Gay Student Beaten To Stupor At University Of Nigeria Nsukka Campus

nigerian gay student beaten nsukka

Feb 8, 2013 – Nigerian Gay Student Beaten To Stupor At University Of Nigeria Nsukka Campus

This question came to fore in my mind,after the events that took place at the Alvan hall of the University of Nigeria, Nsukka campus this morning at about 3:00AM. I was on my from my room to the study room where I had been reading for my examinations, when shouts of “he wan f*ck me!!!!!!” and repeated chants of “homo!” rented the air.

Though I was’nt too surprised because such things were not uncommon in a hostel occupied by over 2000 males, but what amazed me was the speed at which various guys bounced on the supposed perpetrator, even though he followed them docilely.

They hit him, repeatedly slapped him, literarily dragged him and even mocked him as if he was “sub-human”. In what could be described as a fleeting second, the hostel became crowded with onlookers who had come from even other hostels to catch a glimpse of the supposed homosexual. More out of curiosity than interest, I decided to join the “pilgrimage” to the 400 series where the whole action was taking place, in order to catch a visual glimpse of the boy.

To my surprise it was a student I recognized!, for I had seen the chap severally in the study room and he resembled the intellectual type. By this time, he had been dragged into a room and was sitting on a bed with his hands holding up his partially hidden head.

I spent some extra minutes listening to the supposed room mate who claimed the guy kept poking him with his penis whilst fondling him inappropriately thinking he was asleep. Scores of boys gathered around the story teller each listening, and whilst getting prepared to go extort their own pound of flesh from the defaulter.

I left, but couldn’t stop having mixed feeling for the apprehended student, for it would be a tough few years for him to go through in the university, living with such shame. It was also his fault because he was the one who had incurred the untold doom upon himself.

On a personal note, despite the fact that I disapprove of homosexuality, and sincerely thinking its vain against the human nature, I strongly oppose the idea of beating up homosexuals which is rampant in Nigeria. The truth is, they a humans too, someone’s beloved son and brother or maybe sister. If the beating had occurred outside a university campus, I might have been unperturbed about the whole issue, but the mere fact that it was students like me, the supposed “future leaders” who carried out the dastardly act really gets me worried.

If this could be done when the “wood is fresh” and their minds quite malleable, who knows what will happen when it becomes “dried” and their resolve stiffened….. share your thoughts.

[By Definitelykingsley]

23 thoughts on “Nigerian Gay Student Beaten To Stupor At University Of Nigeria Nsukka Campus

  1. Cain dem but dont kill dem n dont let any body f**k ur nyash beat dem d more cos if u spare d rod n u will spoil d child beat dem hard(nyash f**ker)

  2. If it wia market men beatin dz guy it wil be more understandable. Dy fact dat dese r student paints a picture of future underdeveloped graduates. Yes homosexuality is a crime bt so is assualt. If dy guy commited a crime he shld be reported 2 dy authorities nt givin a beatin. Especialy wit ALUU incident stil fresh on our minds. Nd dat fool dat supported he shld be beaten 2 death is babaric n pathetic

  3. Come to look of things on other hand, d western world is corrupting the minds of some fools who decides to follow or adopt d negetive parts of their system. I believed people would have advised d gay guy & he kept deaf. Him been beaten up will serve as a lesson to other gays around. He got what he deserved.

  4. I don’t blive d story jare….dat story get one kin KaY LeG………aw can someone in his right mind slept wit anoda guy in d midst of Ppl witout his consent…..Haba….Letz b reasonable now….d guy might just b playin wit hin n he turn it to anoda tin…..Kai d full Story is not told jor…….

  5. Dat was 2bad of dem, y must d beat d boy in d 1st plcs, d fact dat he is gay does nt giv dem any right to beat him, com to tink of it, ‘gay beater’ do guys tink gays jst decided tobe com gay or its nature…… Der somtin i wan to no, do gay guy created by God or Satan?

  6. it is good that the yansh f**ker was beaten mercilessly…he should have been killed too. If we don’t treat their f**k-ups now, God will treat all of us like Sodom and Gomorrah

  7. What is bad can never and should not be pitiably overturned. Homosexualism is a bad habit which should not be condoned. We’ve all got some self-control if not we could’ve all gone wild.

  8. Those guys should not have been him in such a way. Although the guy has committed a devilish act, he is not to be treated that way. The best thing to do is to report him to any authority on camp. Please, caution on the path of justice.

  9. Wana ask, ts homosexuality d problem we ar facing n nigeria ryt nw? Instead of beatn dem up, y dnt U̶̲̥̅̊ try 2 find y dy feel dt way?

  10. This is wrong,this is jungle justice,this is barbaric,he should not have been beaten,much more to stupor.To those students that beat him up,would they have beaten him up if he were their brother,son,friend or relative?.Being judgemental is barbaric,inhuman and a total indiscrimination against human being.What if the alledged student was innocent?,remember the innocent 4 UNIPORT students,so we’ve not still learnt our lessons?,what pained most is that this alledged gay student was beaten up mercilessly by the so called students who call themselves literates.Only illiterate ignorant of the law would do that,and also animals that have no feelings or conscience would do that,even the real animals would never kill their own species,never,ever.That means we are worst than animals.The bible says…’let him that has no sin cast the first stone’.The bible also says ‘judge not,that you be not judged.For the judgement you pronounce you will be judged,and the measure you give will be the measure you get.Matt.7:1-2.
    Being judgemental is sinful according to Matt.7:1-2.
    Being judgemental is also not lawful,according to the constitution for human rights,it states that ‘everyone deserves the right to fair hearing and freedom of speech’.That is why I prefer the western world,any culprit caught is apprehended (and not beaten as in Nigeria),
    the culprit is placed under police custody (and not stigmatized and victimized as in Nigeria),
    and finally offender is then tried by the law court and if found guilty,the offender would be sentenced to some years imprisonment,life imprisonment or death by hanging,shooting or by hard labour(and not lynched as in Nigeria).This is a call to order on our side,we can not afford to be losing our fellow humans just because of personal grieviances,prejudice or belief systems that are inimical and life threatening.We need a CHANGE…!!!

    • LoooL, which Jeremiah is this??? I know for a fact it’s not that Lagos celebrity stylist. People can be so funny. Any opportunity to mess with someones image!! SMH

  11. I agree with Jeremiah, it is totally distasteful that the guy should be subjected to jungle justice. Niajas act as do homosexuality does not exist, whilst it is rampant in every part of life throughout Niaja.

    it is also, a disgraceful shame that uni officials allowed this type of inhumane act of violence to happen on its campus.

    Undoubtedly, the gangs that terrorised the probably are also involved in homosexuality, but are in denial of their true sexuality. Ordinarily, someone that is straight and balance would not have time for such nonsense as gay bashing.

    He that is without sin cast the first stone. Come on Naja, this is the 21st Century, celebrate and embrace difference. Some people are naturally gay, get over it…..

  12. am really crying for this country. I don’t even know what to say. Am afraid of what the future holds. Afraid of uncertainty. We should pay more attention to human rights.

  13. What i hate most in my life is seeing people beaten up or torchurd till death! No matter the person’s offence! Its their life! Let them live it anyhow it pleases them! You see people having gay sex, leave them! mind your own fuckin business! About the guy that mentiond sodom n gomorrah! U are an idiot! If God wants to destroy a country cause of that! God wouldnt start with Nigeria! Even in this Nigeria! Evils bigger than homo is bein done! And God is stil waitin so they could change! Y now killing those that God’s waiting for? God created them like that! But i keep wondering why people are gay!

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