Nigerian Girl Commits Suicide After Elder Sister Beat Her For Having Boyfriend

girl commits suicide warri delta state

Nigerian Girl Commits Suicide In Warri After Elder Sister Beat Her For Having Boyfriend

A teenage girl has reportedly killed herself in Warri, Delta state following beatings she received for having a boyfriend.

According to residents of Warri Main Garage in Warri Delta state, the 13-year-old girl lived with an elder sister, who is also unidentified and had beaten her for having a boyfriend.

Annoyed by the sister’s action, the deceased took an insecticide and ended up dead behind a Total filling station near Warri Main Garage.

The incident reportedly happened on Saturday, the 16th of May 2020.

Here is what a resident said about the tragic story;

“It’s a shame. The girl was seen by her elder sister with a man and she beat her for having a male lover at her age. She went inside and killed herself by drinking Angle 90 (insecticide).

“She’s too small to have a man lover. Don’t look at her body, she is a small girl. They should throwaway her body, no need to bury her.

“Residents of the area are angry because we all know her as a little girl, we don’t know her name but we use to see her around.”

3 thoughts on “Nigerian Girl Commits Suicide After Elder Sister Beat Her For Having Boyfriend

  1. We can be so inhuman. A young person is dead and someone said don’t bury, just throw away the body. How can someone say that? Am so offended.

    Clearly it is more than boyfriend. More of low self esteem and feeling unloved. It was a cry out for love, sadly she passed. Beating is not the solution to all teenage rebellion.

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