Nigerian Girl Jamila Umar Disfigured As Doctors Put Intravenous IV Injection Through Her Head In Kaduna

jamila umar

Nigerian Girl Jamila Umar Disfigured As Doctors Put Intravenous IV Injection On Her Scalp Vein In Kaduna..Please Donate To Save Her Life

This is Jamila, i met her yesterday at Unguwan Shanu, Kaduna. She is 5 years old. Her case started 2 years ago when she was having convulsions, her parents took her to Nursing home hospital where she was to be treated, they couldn’t find a vein on her hand to inject her so they search for it on her head and that was how it started eating her head up. It has been 2 years now and it’s still eating her up, she has already lost an ear and it has affected her mouth too, she can’t eat any solid food only watery and with straw.

doctor puts iv injection head girl kaduna
doctors put iv girl head kaduna
jamila umar

It has started to affect her left eye now and i pray it doesn’t turn into cancer for her. Her parents are very poor trying to survive and have what to eat. Her mum told me that doctors has recommended taking her to ABU teaching hospital Shika for proper surgery, she has no idea how much the operation will cost but she know it is something they cannot afford.

I suggest they should get the total cost but in the mean time please kindly donate and help save a life, no amount is small please and please. They have an account opened in the little girls name for donations so please anyone that want to donate here is the account : Jamila Umar Diamond Bank 0083429957.

For those in Kaduna who will like to meet her for verification kindly contact regalbeautycare at 234 807 474 9790.

6 thoughts on “Nigerian Girl Jamila Umar Disfigured As Doctors Put Intravenous IV Injection Through Her Head In Kaduna

  1. Oga…..which medical health provider will make a child suffer this much and won’t help out to correct their blunder! Only in Nigeria as no value is placed on human life.

  2. I will surely donate. My fellow good Nigerians please let us help her parents and donate generously. I pity the poor girl. Tears in my eyes as I am typing. It could have happened to anyone. Not the girl’s fault at all. Bad advise and wrong choice. So please help her. I will do my part. Please good Samaritans do yours.

    Can Naijagists help the young girl to create gofundforme page on gofundforme website. All the best and may God please ease the pain for her. Amen

  3. I am a nurse and i know this is a medical malpractice please the hospital and the personnel involved must be sued and they must pay for the corrections of their malpractice.What nonsense.quacks nurses.

  4. Real Doctors ? my foot !! Heartless !! I wont hit at the Nurses , because they have to follow orders given by Doctors. This is the work of a( UNDER THE TREE MECHANIC ). He repair the car and it stop working on its way out the shop.
    Children made me into who I am. I love the children , its hard in my world to determine if I love my Child more than how I love , the Child of another person.
    Seriously speaking, I’m going down on my knees to pray and fight the battle for Her.
    Other Believers In the BLOOD of JESUS CHRIST please join me.
    Sincere gratitude to all, ( Keep the faith and spread it gingerly ),

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