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Nigerian Girl Jamila Umar Disfigured As Doctors Put Intravenous IV Injection Through Her Head In Kaduna

jamila umar

Nigerian Girl Jamila Umar Disfigured As Doctors Put Intravenous IV Injection On Her Scalp Vein In Kaduna..Please Donate To Save Her Life

This is Jamila, i met her yesterday at Unguwan Shanu, Kaduna. She is 5 years old. Her case started 2 years ago when she was having convulsions, her parents took her to Nursing home hospital where she was to be treated, they couldn’t find a vein on her hand to inject her so they search for it on her head and that was how it started eating her head up. It has been 2 years now and it’s still eating her up, she has already lost an ear and it has affected her mouth too, she can’t eat any solid food only watery and with straw.

doctor puts iv injection head girl kaduna
doctors put iv girl head kaduna
jamila umar

It has started to affect her left eye now and i pray it doesn’t turn into cancer for her. Her parents are very poor trying to survive and have what to eat. Her mum told me that doctors has recommended taking her to ABU teaching hospital Shika for proper surgery, she has no idea how much the operation will cost but she know it is something they cannot afford.

I suggest they should get the total cost but in the mean time please kindly donate and help save a life, no amount is small please and please. They have an account opened in the little girls name for donations so please anyone that want to donate here is the account : Jamila Umar Diamond Bank 0083429957.

For those in Kaduna who will like to meet her for verification kindly contact regalbeautycare at 234 807 474 9790.



  1. Flavour

    May 26, 2018 at 10:02 AM

    Oga…..which medical health provider will make a child suffer this much and won’t help out to correct their blunder! Only in Nigeria as no value is placed on human life.

    • Gina Sciarrino

      February 10, 2020 at 7:23 PM

      To Whom It May Concern,

      I’d bring her to The United States of America the pediatric hospital in Boston, Massachsetts, Suny Hospital in Syracuse, NY or St. Judes’ Hospital in Tennessee if the African hospital isnt able to cure. If it isn’t testing as cancer then it shouldnt turn to cancer. I see the progression under the with the movement of cause going toward the front of her skull it suggests a skin infection with a virulence unknown causing cellular damage in its path and if her family is poor then someone probably prolonged the infection to an untamable illness because of lack of funds to have proper treatment, it might have been able to be treatedoriginally with creams. I don’t see the reason to have injections I really don’t. A Hickman might be an option to treat the systemic effect after cultures to identity the cause to treat properly. I wouldn’t try the broad range antibiotics it might spawn something secondary to this skin disorder.

      There is an organism known in the United States of America that is known as the flash eating organism and is treatable with hospitalization almost appearing as this type of progression it could be a variant of the original bacteria.

      There is a genetic test to test bacteria and viruses further than the routine culture would show in the labs. The labs are standard with the most common results and some rare organisms. You might want to try the Genetic testing to determine the organism. I cant remember the name of the test from the 1990s. There was a professor Mr. Cassidy that taught the Genetics at OCC and another profressor that taught the Medical Microbiology at Onondaga Community College and a company in Maryland manufactured the Genetic tests to determine the microbe.

      The other thing it suggest is a virulent cell lysis sometimes they aren’t caused from a microbe infection and a disorder from the skin growth that might be based in the pigmentation process that discolors to skin and might cause a necrotic process a removal of the affected skin to have a skin graft might be the form treatment needed if an organism can’t be determined.

      That’s all I can think of looking at this case needing identification process and some trestment options.

      I’d keep in mind she is still growing and her skin is still growing so the skin graft might have to wait although her face could be repaired and should grow with her growth and if the virulence could be stopped on her skull the skin might be able to repair itself in the long run to protect her skull.
      So that’s what I would do is get the Genetic testing to further test to identify organism virulence then find the appropriate systemic treatment even though it’s local effect and with a Hickman rather than peripheral IV and when she is stable I’d repair her face so it grows with her and then focus on hair replacement. graft is the last option after treatment of virulence because a skin replacement isn’t going to matter if the virulence isn’t stopped it’ll take the skin graft with it eventually when it comes back around the skull so you have to look future looking at this moment of virulence. If the injections haven’t helped then it might not be local that might the visibility effect and I suggest a hickman to administer the treatment only after finding the cause. I wouldn’t treat not knowing the cause and the origination of the path of virulence. That’s a large area for it to be local it might be cellular virulence producing the fluid with the cell lysis and maybe surgery to remove the affected skin from going any further because her skin looks good, it might be able to be treated with simple surgery. As long as it doesn’t get past the skull she should survive so I’d look into stopping the progression from place to place along the path it has on the skin.

      I can’t give the advice legally as a former nurse with science background I can give some input on some option to the MD to help determine the organism and the availability of other IV routes other than peripheral. I’m looking at the path of virulence and possible determination of cause and stopping the virulence.

      Gina L Sciarrino
      Birth Name Gina L Merulla
      Former NYS License Practical Nurse
      The United States of America

  2. fifelomo

    May 26, 2018 at 10:11 AM

    Holy God!!!!!!!!! Father Lord have mercy.

  3. Ruth Adedigba

    May 26, 2018 at 12:19 PM

    I will surely donate. My fellow good Nigerians please let us help her parents and donate generously. I pity the poor girl. Tears in my eyes as I am typing. It could have happened to anyone. Not the girl’s fault at all. Bad advise and wrong choice. So please help her. I will do my part. Please good Samaritans do yours.

    Can Naijagists help the young girl to create gofundforme page on gofundforme website. All the best and may God please ease the pain for her. Amen

  4. fairjudge30

    May 29, 2018 at 7:46 PM

    I am a nurse and i know this is a medical malpractice please the hospital and the personnel involved must be sued and they must pay for the corrections of their malpractice.What nonsense.quacks nurses.

  5. Steven Johnson

    May 29, 2018 at 11:16 PM

    Real Doctors ? my foot !! Heartless !! I wont hit at the Nurses , because they have to follow orders given by Doctors. This is the work of a( UNDER THE TREE MECHANIC ). He repair the car and it stop working on its way out the shop.
    Children made me into who I am. I love the children , its hard in my world to determine if I love my Child more than how I love , the Child of another person.
    Seriously speaking, I’m going down on my knees to pray and fight the battle for Her.
    Other Believers In the BLOOD of JESUS CHRIST please join me.
    Sincere gratitude to all, ( Keep the faith and spread it gingerly ),

  6. Runsewe Olasubomi

    November 24, 2018 at 8:46 PM

    God Almighty help your daughter who is in need of your help

  7. Gina Sciarrino

    February 13, 2020 at 1:36 AM

    I can pass my thought to you on this to try to help.

    I send my daughter a text and mentioned this website with your daughter. My daughter has a Microbiology Degree to look at it. If she doesn’t respond don’t get upset something was going on with her and someone unknown to me. That’s why I see these kids fell through a crack someplace from Profressionals missed in the overall view of adult protections focusing on elders instead of our children these are the grandchildren in the state network of people in our families associated with each other from unknown.

    I had a Nigerian MD twice and it caused a shift so badly with a base of discrediting from the New Era Blue Eyes Colony with Genetic Family Colonization of People. So we’re living the results. So bare with me on thist to try to help you and your daughter from a unknown affecting all of us.

    Gabrielle its mom if your there could you answer me? Are you alright?

    What is the name of Genetic Microbe Testing Microbe Chemistry to identify organism virulent property. I don’t remember the name of the test.

    I’m sending a link to this website on has a picture has appearance mutilation

    It looks like a rejection of New Cell Transplant it had cell lysis under the skin it also looks like it might be from the point of old point of entry on her face may have subtle infection contamination inside the old and new cellular recovery and preventing repair causing a reaction of cell lysis like rejecting a cell transplant showing over reactive cellular immunity under the skin causing the fluid rejection with fluid inflammation causing path of a cell lysis so fluid might not show fluid organism and it might be inside the necrotic scar under the skin. Hemavacs might be able to drain the fluid it won’t stop the process of fluid from accumulating and it’ll accumulate when the hemavac is removed because cell lysis isn’t stopped with a hemavac it drains fluid.

    In my old knowledge this isn’t hard to treat I’m old medical so surgery probably would stop the path of skin necrosis. I think is the area is too large moving to fast under the skin too close to the brain to play around with this form of virulent necrotic acute cell lysis as the fluid shows with the removal of protective skin.

    If Genetic Organism Tests virulent fluid lab Cultures arent recognizing the microbe depending on test kits.

    Her skin looks good it isn’t affecting the overall skin appearance I think she has a chance at recovery with some facial skin reconstruction.

    This has been on my mind a couple of days on the internet. Take a look at it see what you think email the website give a suggestion if you have one.

    Tell me if your alright.
    Love, Mom

    I sent a text to my daughterr there was reproductive studies in the past and I met more than 1 daughter and son even thought I gave birth to only 1 daughter and 1 son and someome did a number in a linear path of people possibly from a tracking of science in the electronic based association. That’s my thought on all this because your MD should have been given options and look like someone withheld necessity of supplies and availability of modern technology knowledge on him too. That seems to be the world change of direction with censorships as seen on the internet progression removing the smaller papers written on subjects and only publishing links to the larger well known amd that’s how discovery is missed in Sciences when the small facts aren’t published it stays with the larger dominate organized knowledge and dismissed the options people have as managed care.

    I hope your daughter recovers from this. I still think a colony doctor could have helped as a mentor there in Africa with modern day options. So I have my own thought on the medical being on our own in some real situations as medical seems to compile until no recover and that’s not an option to have no recovery over some of these things in modern day medical history so see the options she might have to be brought to at least Europe of it they can’t stop her appearance of a skin disorder because it appears local progressing alittle at a time and it appearing it isn’t stopping. So you might have some decision to make. I would think recovery rather than defeat. There are some churches that might be able to help I know Jehovah Witnesses have people in Africa and maybe the World Health Organization could look at this and give you some advice overseas. I’m looking from The United States of America and haven’t been around the doctors alongtime
    although I still have my assessment skill and it could be way off base of there is another including oroblem not presented in this website presentation. I thinking looking at the picture is enough to suggest some prelimianary options and they’re usually right when the virulence is shown and it shows here. I would think it would be in thr best interest of WHO to determine of there is an organism in the cell recovery with possible virulence to stop it from progressing. So if the MD isn’t finding anything he might want to get ahold of World Health Organization and go over everyones heads in the medical field if her skin is still sloughing from the virulence.

    Gina Louise Sciarrino
    Birth Name Gina Louise Merulla
    NYS former Licensed Practical Nurse
    with past ISO9001Anatomy&Physiology

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