Nigerian Guy Who Impregnated Orphan Says Girlfriend Very Rude, Seeks Advice


rude girlfriend

April 2nd, 2016 – Nigerian Guy Who Impregnated Orphan Says Girlfriend Very Rude, Seeks Advice

I need your candid advice. My guy impregnated his girl friend who is an orphan. He accepted to live with her but the girl doesn’t have good manners.

She’s very insulting and always disrespects him. We his friends and even their land-lady have always cautioned the lady but she is not taking advice. According to him, “Its been one day peace and two days quarrel and I’ve always advice her to always maintain peace with me. Tell me whenever I offend her so that I could apologize.

I believe nobody is perfect but I hate somebody who doesn’t take advice or correction. Am tired and I want to send her out of my life…” He had always complained. So what can you tell him. This is happening now. I don’t know what else to tell him. My annoyance is that the girl in question is not even willing to apologize to him.

She keeps proving stubborn. Everyone knows her as a disrespectful and harsh speaking girl even the land-lady could testify that and she seems not to even change. My guy sworn never to raise a hand on her, instead he decides to send her aways since she doesn’t like peaceful living.”I have heartfully told her everything I know in order to maintain peaceful co-existence, the kind of family I need for my future wife.

I have also contacted some few women who have marriage experience with up to ten years, explained my fate and they in turn invited her, advice her and yet she couldn’t change.

So what else can I do? Am too young to face this kind of condition. Its still very early for both of us.

She have a chance of getting better man she can respect. I think am too small for her” he said.

[By NG fan, Henry Light]