Nigerian Idol Contestants Down To 6: Official Song Choices For Sunday Released

nigerian idols contestants

March 9, 2013 – Nigerian Idol Contestants Down To Six: Official Song Choices For Sunday Released

Here are the song choices for Nigerian Idol On Sunday. Who sang what?

Now that Danny Angus, aka “The Accountant”, failed to calculate the odds and was sent home, along with fellow contestant Kome, Nigerian Idol is down to six contestants vying for that number one spot: Safeeyat, JayFeel, Abasiakan, Efezino, Debie Rise and Moses. So can you guess who tried to sing which song?
‘Loving Your Way’ – Seyi Shay
‘Gaga’ – Chuddy K
‘If you Ask Me’ – Omawumi
‘Oliver Twist’ –D’banj
‘Raindrops’ – Tuface
‘Azonto (Freestyle)’ – Wizkid

5 thoughts on “Nigerian Idol Contestants Down To 6: Official Song Choices For Sunday Released

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