Nigerian Lady Exposes Woman Sleeping With Sister’s Husband

lady sleeping sister husband

September 19, 2017 – Nigerian Lady Exposes Woman Sleeping With Her Sister’s Husband Online

A lady identified as Mariam Bello has come under fire for allegedly sleeping with a married man.

A lady named Olatayo Gold called out Mariam online today for trying to destroy her sister’s happy marriage.

Olatayo who invoked the law of Karma on her said:

6 thoughts on “Nigerian Lady Exposes Woman Sleeping With Sister’s Husband

  1. Busted. .lol
    Dude sold his car for a Birch maintenance and you have a wife and kid at home..this guy needs to be punch in the face

    The hardest things is watching someone you love, love someone else, that is why ice melts when heated and eyes melts when cheated.. Hence, there is no shame in tears, so it’s okay to cry, the sky does it too.
    Never push a loyal person to the point where they no longer care!!!
    There is a man who loves his wife genuinely and has never cheated on his wife. One day he discovered that his wife was having an affair. He confronted his wife and she denied it but he begged his wife to desist from such an ungodly act. Despite begging his wife, she keeps calling the other guy secretly and sending pictures to the other guy because she has been destined for a failed marriage. In fact, the husband keeps getting evidences of her interaction with the other guy. One day the husband got tired and decided to find solace in another woman, unfortunately, one night stand with another woman resulted in a pregnancy.
    Whilst, the husband was trying to find a way to resolve the mess he found himself in, he discovered that long before his wife started flirting with the current guy, she had flirted with another guy that confided in someone else who later told the husband about her wife’s illicit affairs with him. Later, that day the husband also found out that the wife had been encouraging the other guy to find a better job like her husband, funny enough the guy is not up to her husband status. Worse-still, the wife’s best friend confided in the husband that his wife is materialistic and also an unfaithful house-wife.
    Sometimes, when God decides to free us from bondage, we keep going back to our wilderness. The husband finally took the courage to confide in his siblings about the woman he got pregnant and they were extremely happy and told him to divorce his cheating wife, who has a matter of fact could be planning to bring bastard to their supposed happy home.
    The husband has decided to play the game as well, as he has been keeping all evidences (as dumb as his wife is she never thought his betrayed husband would go extra mile to get evidences just to proof a point-what a foolish woman), so that when the time comes he can show the whole world and will be vindicated for his action. To God be the glory the husband has fallen in love with the pregnant one night stand new found love. Sometimes, God harden the heart of our wrong choice so that they can misbehave and frustrate us to make mistakes that turn out to be a blessing 
    Cheating isn’t always kissing, touching, or flirting. If you have to delete a call history, instagram, face time, whatsapp or text messages so your partner doesn’t see them, you are already a cheat
    Lesson Learnt
    A leopard can never change his colour. Do not let your emotion over-rule your sense of judgment. There is an adage in Yoruba that says the eyes that would serve as a good sight till old age would never produce an eye gunk at a young age. So be wise and never love to a fault. It is sad that those we love genuinely do not love us the same way what an irony,
    He trusted her but now her words means nothing to him, because her action spoke the truth.

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