Nigerian Man Killed His Mother: Angry Son Blames Mum For His Misfortune, Beats Her To Death

man killed his mother

Oct 10, 2013 – Nigerian Man Killed His Mother: Angry Son Accuses Mom of Witchcraft, Beats Her To Death

A  30-year-old man in Chugiri in Jos South Local Government Area of Plateau State has confessed that he killed his mother because she was allegedly responsible for his misfortune.

The suspect, Vwang, father of five, living in Chugiri village also accused his mother of using her witchcraft to kill his father, and two of his siblings as well as another woman and her child in the village.

Vwang said he and his children had been suffering from ill health due to his mother’s alleged evil activities.

He said it was common knowledge in the village that his mother was a witch and on the fateful day, he had approached her to stop the act but out of annoyance he had hit her on her forehead, resulting in her losing her balance and hitting the back of her head on the floor.

“She spent about a week in the hospital before she finally died,” he said.

The state Commissioner of Police, Chris Olakpe, who paraded Vwang and 16 other suspects arrested for various offences, explained that the suspect who was a secondary school drop-out had gone to look for menial job but because he was unable to get any, blamed his mother for his misfortune and beat her to death.

Other suspects paraded included a psychology student of a university, who was an alleged accomplice to a soldier who allegedly went to a house at the state low-cost housing estate in Jos to rob but was apprehended.

[By Mariam Aleshinloye Agboola, Daily Sun, Jos]

14 thoughts on “Nigerian Man Killed His Mother: Angry Son Blames Mum For His Misfortune, Beats Her To Death

  1. Mr vwang since you have d heart to lift your hand and lay it on d very person that gave you life no problem,my joy is that you gave life to five other people so if you ever leave d prison get ready for a life time beating,the only difference is that u will not die in time,he will pray for death but will never will never go free for your sin.

  2. Hmmmmmm naija gist una weldone ooooo I leave in Jos but am just hearing d name of dis local govt for d very first tym tanks for educating me any ways

  3. Neva knew dis kind of thing hapns in Platue St8. Thot it was d exclusiv right of Edo, Calabar, Akwa Ibom & Ogoni ppl. Ọ dị kwa egwu!

  4. May God hv mercy on u.Since u choose to b lazy even after hving 5 kids,u accuse ur mum of ur misfortune.D law has caught up wit u. U will smell rod in prison.

  5. The only person that can be responsible of your misfortune is you.
    So man, you have just killed your mother as a result of your inability to use your initiative to create wealth.

    Police abeg, give that man 50 years imprisonment.

  6. @You go laugh; na police dey tek person/criminal 2 prison?
    D man no try at ol…wat a wasted lyf!

  7. B4 i used 2 doubt naijagist, but becos of this story which happened close to where am livin, i hv started believin u guys

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