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Nollywood Movies That Bring Back Past Memories

nollywood movies bring back memories

Exclusive report by Nollymania,

While humans are not able to live backwards, it is still possible to visit the past and have a look at it.

There are ways that we are able to see and understand the life, beauty, and atmosphere of the past.

But one of the easiest ways is through Nollywood movies set in the past.

Nollywood Movies That Best Portray The Past
Visiting the past could also mean many different things sometimes. For some, it could mean reliving moments from the war. Whatever it is, movies that take us to the past are tricky and could give you mixed feelings.

’76’: History Always Comes Back
Movies set in the past are a great way to get away from all the problems of today. On the other hand, they are a reminder that nothing has really changed and we still face the same problems.

76 movie wins 5 awards africa magic

Nollywood Movies about the past. The movie was also sort of tribalistic with the accusation of the officers. The murder of Murtala Mohammed became a huge part of the issues the country is facing. Years later, Nigeria continues to fight tribalism and political crimes. ’76’ features Ramsey Nouah and Rita Dominic.

‘Half of a Yellow Sun’: The World the way it really is
Humans always have the need to reassess the past and times pieces offer an opportunity to do so. You get a chance to rewrite events from the past but only in imaginary ways.

half of a yellow sun

The artistic portrayal of the Nigerian civil war in ‘Half of a Yellow Sun’ was undeniably nostalgic. No wonder the movie was such huge hits in 2013. It takes us back with archival footage to help us realize that some answers are still missing. Historical movies like this challenge old views of history and are likely going to be a tool of reassessment.

‘Invasion 1897’ – How Blessed Is Nigeria?
The world was never been simpler, but right now it is in a more unsettling time. So for the current generation of young adults, the past, (which they were born into) could seem like a haven.

invasion 1897 nollywood movie

The nostalgia of the years past, the lost gifts and nature that Nigeria is blessed with always comes back when watching this Nollywood movie. Those who witnessed the event portrayed in the movie still don’t find it funny. But this movie like every other set in the past offers a temporary escape into the beauty of time.

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1 Comment

  1. Gina Udeh

    June 12, 2019 at 1:50 PM

    half of a yellow sun is my best

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