Nigerian Pastor, Bishop Ben Egbujor & Secretary Jailed In UK For Stripping Church Members Naked

Bishop Ben Egbujor jailed

April 2nd, 2017 – UK Based Nigerian Pastor Benjamin Egbujor & Secretary Prophetess Rose Oby Nwenwu Jailed For Stripping Church Members Naked During Private Prayer Sessions

The founder of JCC church in Kent has been sent to prison for allegedly stripping his church members naked during private prayer sessions.

55-year-old Bishop Ben Egbujor and his secretary, 43-year-old Prophetess Rose Nwenwu were accused of undressing a girl under the age of 16 as anointing oil was poured over her during a private prayer session in the church office back in January 2014.

Prophetess Rose Nwenwu jailed

Another victim in her 30s also accused Ben Egbujor of sexual abuse in a separate incident that happened at Egbujor’s church office.

Egbujor was sentenced to three years and four months in jail while Nwenwu received a three-year jail sentence after a five-week trial at Inner London Crown Court.

The two were registered to UK Sex Offenders’ database to prevent further harm to the public.