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Nigerian Pastor Bolanle Alo Dies While Resisting Deportation At Calgary Alberta Canada Airport, Widow Wants Answer

nigerian pastor dies resisting deportation from canada

Photo Of Nigerian Pastor Bolanle Alo Dies While Resisting Deportation At Canada Border Services Office In Calgary Alberta Canada Airport, Widow Wants Answer

The wife of a Nigerian Pastor who passed away while two immigration police officers were trying to enforce his deportation last week has asked the Canadian government for details surrounding her husband’s death.

Pastor Bolanle Idowu Alo passed away on the 7th of August shortly after he had a fierce altercation with two Calgary Airport policemen who confronted him when he refused to take off on a KLM flight heading for Amsterdam.

The plane was forced to make emergency landing when 49-year-old Alo started causing a scene.

He was later taken to the Canada Border Service section of Calgary Airport where the confrontation continued.

Other reinforcement officers called to the scene found Alo in a serious medical distress and rushed him to an hospital where he was pronounced dead around 4:30pm.

Alo who had earlier cooperated with the Canada Border Services Agency later refused to be returned to Nigeria before enforcement officers confronted him.

The deceased who arrived Canada in 2005 was rejected after making a refugee claim.

He was ordered removed from Canada in February 2018 but he insisted that he will face harm if returned to Nigeria.

He had on several occasions said that his dead body will be returned to Nigeria, a threat that later came to pass.

His heartbroken widow who is based in Lagos is asking Canada for circumstances that led to her husband’s untimely death in a country she believed will protect him from the fear of death and harm that chased him away from his country of birth.

His corpse is yet to be removed from Canada as investigation is still ongoing.

The deceased was a Pastor in Nigeria before he relocated to Canada.

May his soul rest in peace.



  1. Daniella Egba

    August 15, 2018 at 11:00 PM

    I saw the story on city pulse but I didn’t know he was a pastor.
    Lord whey was he struggling with them what if his deportation is a direct message from God .
    I don’t know what else to tell him than rip

  2. Kingsley Ogubor

    August 16, 2018 at 12:00 AM

    why did u kill urself just like dt.
    Canada that you are dying to stay is not a progressive country

  3. Jilo

    August 17, 2018 at 12:57 PM

    Thing happens in human life at times that is beyond human comprehension. Only God knows why this happened to this man. May be his deportation is for his own benefit. Although, nobody will be happy to be deported but he never knew what God might have in plan for him. God’s willing, he may end up finding himself back in the US or any other western Countries.

    I’m not trying to judge here but that man as a Pastor who believed in God, should have let the nature takes its course. Why dragging issue with the law enforcement or the immigration. In some Western Countries the Immigration cannot force you inside the plane to deport you but you may never get the residential permit and you will only end up fighting your stay by living there without any hope of establishing yourself.

    When I was in Europe, I came across a man who was deported from Germany, he was so devastated to the extent of loosing his mind. As God wants to show how mighty he is, this guy sister eventually assisted in getting him Netherland’s VISA. He was so worried that he was unable to visit his parents. He told me that sometimes he will peep through the window where he was staying at and see his kids walking to buy food but he was unable to call them just because he was deported and had nothing on him. He told her sister, the one he was staying with to please not let anybody know he was in Nigeria. At the end God used the same sister to get him back to Europe. The lady told him, my brother, you have done so well for the family that you don’t deserve to be in this situation. She told him I know a man who can assist in getting you a Netherland VISA and she started the processing and the rest was history. This question came when I asked him why do you normally sent all your Cars through this lady? then he came up with the story even the lady was her cousin not even blood sister. It depends on who God want to use to help you and how well you relate to people. He so trusted her and she never disappointed him.

    I’m saying this because the deceased man was a Pastor and he never acted like one. If any person could have done this, I’m not going to write this comment. That is why some people are doubting some of these Pastors by questioning their authenticity whether truly God has called them for his evangelism work. There are some people out there who have more faith than most of these Pastors.

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