Nigerian Pastor Dies On Top Of Prostitute In Hotel In Delta State After Service

nigerian pastor die sex prostitute hotel delta state

Nov 23, 2017 – Nigerian Pastor Dies While Having Sex With Prostitute In Hotel In Kwale, Delta State After Sunday Service

A married Nigerian pastor who has been using the services of prostitutes secretly for a while now has reached his dead end.

According to Delta state Police spokesman, Aniamaka Andrew, the incident happened on Sunday evening in a hotel in Kwale area of Ndokwa in Delta state.

The deceased reportedly collapsed on top of a 19-year-old sex worker who later shouted for help.

The hotel staff rushed to the room only to discover that the married pastor has died.

His wife was called to the scene, where she met the lifeless body of her serial-cheat husband.

She immediately reported the case at a nearby police station.

As at the time of this report, the sex worker is still in detention as police await the autopsy report of the deceased.

The incident was confirmed to NAN in Asaba yesterday.

8 thoughts on “Nigerian Pastor Dies On Top Of Prostitute In Hotel In Delta State After Service

  1. There is result for every action. Go and give account of ur deeds when u meet the Almighty God. RIP, serial-cheat pastor.

  2. @fife, Mind your comments and no cause your neighbor to laugh inappropriately during a sad occasion a beg!
    RIP Pastor.

  3. God must have given him plenty time to repent but dog wey wan lost no go hear the whistle of the hunter. Una just carry pastor cover so u go have access to girls of your choice. Go answer to your maker

  4. Nemesis have caught up with him,some of them can never do what they preach at pulpit,police should allow d poor girl to go

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