Police Killed ASUU President, Prof Festus Iyayi – Gunshot Wounds Found On Corpse

police killed Asuu president festus iyayi

Nov 19, 2013 – Nigerian Police Killed Ex ASUU President, Prof Festus Iyayi – Bullet Wounds Found On His Corpse By Doctors

A secret informant has told Sahara reporters that former ASUU President Professor Festus Iyayi who reportedly died in a fatal car crash involving Kogi State Governor’s convoy was killed by policemen.

The source claimed that the injuries found on the late writer’s chest were consistent with gunshot injuries and that a bullet did pierce his heart.

One Dr. Paul Amodu of the Specialist Hospital in Lokoja had revealed that Professor Iyayi died after “something” pierced his chest, but he didn’t specify what it was.

It can be recalled that it was revealed last week said the popular professor and writer died in a collision with a security vehicle in Governor Wada’s convoy.

Sources at ASUU said they had dissuaded Iyayi’s family from a “rushed” burial, as they suspected foul play. One of the sources recalled that another former president of ASUU, Dr. Mahmood Tukur, also died in suspicious circumstances on the Kaduna-Zaria highway, with the police claiming he died of an asthma attack because he ate pepper which, they claimed, triggered it.

Our source spoke with Prof. Iyayi’s son, Omole, regarding the latest information, but he said the family was unaware, and that they do not even have the autopsy performed yet.

A press statement issued by the Nigerian Medical Association (NMA)signed by its President Osahom Enabulele has previously called for a special inquiry into Professor Iyayi’s death but the statement didn’t say if the doctors found that Iyayi may been shot as alleged by the anonymous source.

[Source: Saraha Reporters New York]

15 thoughts on “Police Killed ASUU President, Prof Festus Iyayi – Gunshot Wounds Found On Corpse

  1. They should insert there disk on dat matter via investigation,becuse is something else…..God is d only way we have…..who knws d person dat did datin….Coarction of Crisis…

  2. I pray dat God shld save us in dis country, bcos i dn’t nw wot could dis innocent man did to av warrant d nonentity dat call demselves police to av killed him, infact sooo sad i dn’t nw Pro IYAYI but i believe is a good man as most of his student said RIP IYAYI may God strenten his family. proper investigation shld be done.

  3. As i said earlier after the accident, i suspected a fowl play. that his death was not ordinary, how come he was only one that died on the accident? what has he done to them this time??????

  4. I hope this is not the true story. Is this the way to reward our intellectuals?. I am waiting for the family autopsy to clear the ambiguities.

  5. People of God, it is time for us to move closer God and accept as our Lord n personal saviour. We are in the end time

  6. Naija!!!! Is it because he’s fighting for the interest of we student’s that’s why they killed him:::police unah no go die well ooooooo

  7. Hello friends, does it mean that the accident was programmed to eliminate this man and when they find out he didn’t die immedately they now shot him, why must this accident happen now that ASUU is having issues with Mr. President? i think there is need for proper investigation. may his gentle soul rest in peace.

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