Nigerian Police Officer Drags & Beats Up Pregnant Woman In Lagos

police beat pregnant woman

June 24, 2014 – Nigerian Police Officer Drags, Beats Pregnant Woman & Tears Her Clothes In Lagos

A very rude Nigerian police corporal with Force Identification Number 453255 is about to lose his job after he was caught assaulting a pregnant woman on a bus in Lagos.

The officer identified as Arthur Okeke was caught on video violently assaulting the pregnant woman.

The sister to the Pregnant woman, Busayomi who tweeted the case on Monday said the police offer dragged her heavily pregnant sister out of the bus before beating her up and later tore her clothes.

It happened on Monday at the Bar Beach area of Lagos. Busayomi said her sister has been hospitalized since yesterday.

Arthur was exposed when someone in bus secretly recorded him.

Arthur got really pissed off after the pregnant woman refused him to place his head on her back rest.

Watch the video below;


10 thoughts on “Nigerian Police Officer Drags & Beats Up Pregnant Woman In Lagos

  1. Na real woman born this police dog abi na for lab den manufacture am? If him get wife make she run bcos animal wet no respect pregnant wman if I’m see ordinary woman I’m go chew am.
    He should not only be sack he should pay compensation to the woman and the woman should be monitored. If anything go wrong with the unborn child the animal policeman should the convicted with life imprisonment.
    A lesson to other who wear uniform for Naija wet think say that don give them power to assault anybody.
    BARBARIAN!!! Police suppose to protect promote uphold the law.
    It shows how much training are giving to these illiterate police recruits.
    I beg Naijagist remove this video it is shaming us around the world.

  2. NPF… NIGERIA POLICE FORCE, That very FORCE if what this police is doing now, This police don’t even know the reason why he was employed as police and i strongly believed its to protect the citizen of Nigeria and NOT to beat up a citizen any how and again a Pregnant Woman for that matter….So if this can happen to a Pregnant woman then Nobody is safe in Nigeria, Any FORCE uniform man can just beat anybody up on the street and nothing will happen Abi??

  3. Ugly dirty rude officer like Arthur is a no different from a murderer. Kai kai a pregnant woman? this is unheard ator ojodoba dey now.

  4. NFP should take time in recruiting officer and check there brain very well because I dnt think this callous arthur is normal

  5. What a shameful act, apart from this particular case the way men drive joy in beating women nawadays is very alarming, please let us stop this barbaric and ugly act, may the good lord help us to love one another.

  6. The police should be dismissed with immediate effect. If any should happen to d pregnant woman and her unborn child, d officer should pay dearly for it. WHAT DO WE EXPECT FROM MEN IN BLACK? INTIMIDATION.

  7. this animal supposed to be in zoo where he belong not outside were others are he’s an animal and should be treated as one.

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