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Nigerian Politicians And Same Old Failed Promises (2019 General Election On My Mind)

nigerian politicians failed promise

By Chinwengozi Udechukwu

Nigerian Politicians And Same Old Failed Promises (2019 General Election On My Mind)

Nigerian politicians have always surprised me. Truth be told, being a Nigerian is very hard. I don’t vote. Not because my vote won’t count, but because in Nigerian Politics I’m yet to see any politician worthy of my vote. Over the years, I have carefully observed the Nigerian Politics; I’m not satisfied with what I have seen. I believe there better ways elections can be conducted, and I’m not impressed by the caliber of politicians that run for political offices.

Personally, I would prefer a young vibrant individual to contest for any available political office. I don’t care about the party. I just want somebody who knows what he or she is doing. Truth be told, all the political parties in Nigeria have failed us. And also, Nigerians should know better. The politicians I have seen so far know nothing about serving a country. They are rulers not servants. In a democratic country you don’t rule, you serve. We need politician who know how to serve not rulers.

Investigative journalist, Kemi Olunloyo of HNNAfrica once said: “Nigerians are illiterate”. This statement angered many, me included. I later understood what she meant. We, Nigerians are really smart and some are well educated, yet we are illiterates. We have a lot of knowledge we don’t know how to use. We don’t ask questions when we are supposed to for fear of being tagged disrespectful. We know things are not the way it’s supposed to be, but we prefer to settle for the way things are presently, because it’s easier. We don’t think long term; we want things to start changing immediately. I’m not saying immediate change is not good, but there are things that take time to materialize.

Whenever I listen to most of these politicians being interviewed, the answers they give to the basic questions they are asked show how uninformed and unprepared they are. I wonder if they even have campaign advisers. One time, I was listening to a Nigerian/international artist, Falz, a great guy. He interviewed this young politician Mr Olasubomi Okeowo. A brilliant man but not well informed.

Falz asked, “As president of Nigeria, how can you change Nigeria from a consuming country to a producing country?” He answered, “what can Nigeria produce?” He later tried to do damage control on social media. He explained that he was talking about our capability to produce quality product. I was shocked. If you look all over this country you would see lots of things that are produced; shoes, clothes, foods, papers, etc even without adequate capital and access to good loans. And even if he didn’t notice these, the person asking the question is a producer. Although he does not produce physical products, he produces songs which are exported all over Africa and the world. So Nigeria has a lot she can produce, and has potential to produce more. The man is not aware of his country’s productive capabilities, he underestimates Nigeria. And I’m sure he’s not the only politician with this same opinion.

I’m looking forward for the day I, as an ordinary Nigerian citizen, not a journalist, a plain John Doe can ask an aspiring politician questions, no matter how silly the questions might be, about what I expect from him or her. I’m tired of these politicians promising same old thing to us every election period.

Nigerian Televisions stations should be able to organize debates in all 36 states and major towns in the country. Politicians should be able to explain their portfolios, also explain in details how they  are going achieve their set developmental target.



  1. Mon

    November 12, 2018 at 12:39 AM

    Nigeria problems will never be fixed with elections but revolution, and one of the simple ways to do it is to boycott every election, then demand regional government or restructure, the constitution needs to be reviewed and amended.
    Let’s stop deceiving ourselves, Nigeria is not, and can never be one.

  2. Jilo

    November 12, 2018 at 6:40 PM

    In addition to what the writer said, not only that we have tired of seeing old faces again, we are tired of stagnant position these people have subjected Nigeria to. Most of them have no clue about governance, they believe in that same old idea that the elders should be in charge because of their experience but their idea is not working in political nowadays. That is why we have been going in circus doing the same thing and expect different results. We are not in the same pedestal with other Countries. We don’t have a fore-sight about what will happen to us in future. The world is moving in a geometrical progression while Nigeria is moving in Arithmetical progression, this really shows we have been left behind technologically.

    A good leader should be able to predict, change the gear and diversify in case if advent of economy calamity but our leaders are quite opposite of change, they believe in 1960 idea to run 2020. It won’t just work. Also our younger generation by pledging their support to these old politicians instead of taking political baton from clueless politicians they joined them in ruining their lives. I heard one guy saying it is either Atiku or nobody, all we need now is Atikulate. I just shake my head looking at this young man because of his ignorance. That is the reason why I said we should leave Buhari alone for now. We don’t want to change the government just because we want to change it. If we are not able to reach a consensus in picking a better candidate, it makes no sense replacing Buhari with Atiku.

    We Nigeria will be much better off if our youths can support one youthful candidate who is energetic,dynamic and having the will power to move this nation to greatest height and send all these old politicians back to their individual house. We all talking about change! change!! change!!! but we don’t want to engage in the risk behind that change..

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