Nigerian Seeking Refugee Status In Canada Says He Was Attacked For Refusing FGM On Daughter

nigerian seeking refugee status canada

July 26, 2016 – Nigerian Seeking Refugee Status In Canada Says He Was Attacked For Refusing Female Genital Mutilation On Daughter

A Nigerian man seeking to get protection in Canada has revealed how he was battered by his kinsmen for refusing to fall under pressure to get his daughter mutilated.

Mr Olaken Hammed alleged that he fled Nigeria with his wife to escape death.

He claimed that he was abused by his family members and left to die for refusing to carry out proper traditional rites on his daughter.

His words:

“I thought I had died. I was bleeding all over my body with swollen face and cuts on my body. What I experienced from them is not what I wish anybody. If it were my wife or children, they may not have survived it. I was on my way home, when some men began taunting me for not allowing my daughter to be circumcised, rather aided their disappearance.”

Hmmmm.. Naija go better oo.

16 thoughts on “Nigerian Seeking Refugee Status In Canada Says He Was Attacked For Refusing FGM On Daughter


    • @Izaqu, I thought as much o. Are his kinsmen spread throught Nigeria that he has nowhere to hide except he flies a plane to Canada?

      FGM is a very wicked thing to do to a woman. First of all, it exposes them to risks of infections. Secondly, some of the victims just bleed to death. Thirdly, they would never enjoy sex again because the main erogenous flesh is gone.

      Say No to FGM!

  2. So some animals in human forms are still holding unto this barbaric stone age practice till date?
    What a torture? What level of solid wickedness? If I were him I wont mind having all of them jailed for this torture.

    Animals who wanted to cut off what they did not put there in the first place. Primitivity, illiteracy and ignorance.

    I take a stroll…

  3. Which village did this happen and which police station did he report the attack? The man looks like he was stung by bees. Sorry man but try another fable.

    • Whether he’s lying or not in order to get asylum in Canada shouldn’t be any of u guys’ business.
      That’s how you guys condemned Eze Okafor of Iceland.
      Nigerians and bad belle, envy and hypocrisy. Quick to condemn and criticise politicians and criminals as bad. You’re equally bad if you constitute a clog in the wheels of somebody’s progress. After all the government of Canada (or any country for that matter ) will not use your resources to take care of him when they grant him asylum.
      If he were your brother, would you come on here to refute his claim?
      Let’s be careful what we write and say about our fellow Nigerians. People are reading. Other nationals are always quick to defend their fellows, never Nigerians.
      And we want to be ONE…
      And we complain of racism…SMH…

  4. For most of us who know whatsapp and how people get their Aduro, this is a good case to secure his stay in Canada. I don’t what to know how, what or when it happened, this is a good one to get himself out of this stressful Country called Naija. It is not easy to get refuge nowadays but may God put you through Amen.

  5. Let it be well with him in Canada, sounds like a perfect one to get him settled. .

    My guy you know wetin dey!

  6. I would like to know which part of country he is from, dis story get as he be, but its all good, anythg to just get out of dis country.
    I can’t blame u bro, its all part of survival.

  7. i don’t think the man’s version of the story is true… i believe is just doing this to get his paper (but for the face =it is left to God)

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