Nigerian Woman Killed In Spain By Kung Fu Instructor, Juan Carlos Aguilar – RIP Maureen Ada

nigerian woman killed in spain

June 6th, 2013 – Nigerian Woman Killed In Spain By Kung Fu Champion, Juan Carlos Aguilar – RIP Maureen Ada

On Tuesday, close friends of Mauren Ada Ortuya, a 29-year-old prostitute killed by Kung fu instructor , Juan Carlos protest gender violence in Bilbao, Spain over her brutal death.

We learnt the Nigerian woman died of multiple wounds after she was beaten and tied up by the Kung Fu World champion.

She was left in coma for hours after the assault before she eventually passed away on Sunday at Basurto hospital in Bilbao, Spain.

Maureen was taken to the hospital after Police found her at Juan Carlos Aguilar’s gym in a state of coma.

According to police investigations, the Kung-fu instructor also confessed to killing a Colombian woman whose remain was found at the gym.

May her soul rest in peace.

22 thoughts on “Nigerian Woman Killed In Spain By Kung Fu Instructor, Juan Carlos Aguilar – RIP Maureen Ada

  1. d story quotes dat she was a prostitute, wat did u xpect, many pple lik dat av lost der lifes, wat biz does she av wit d man. Am nt tryn to condem her but dis shud be a lesson to nigerians especially women who tak ashawo biz as der profession including dos dat do it secretly. If u tink der is no job her in naija nd u ar opurtuned 2 travel out if na toilet go wash from der God can mak a beta way. Dis is nt d first tim, how i wish she gav her lif to christ. Anyway’R.I.P

    • Are u saying becos she is a prostitute, d kung fool had d right to kill her. U dont know d true story yet u are quick to conclude. How have u tried to help/minister to prostitutes in ur locality to start wit. This is a potential hazard going around killing/maiming pple for real n all u could do is pretending to give advise n insulting d dead. Be mindful of ur comments

    • eh Saint Obi we hear u. let him dat thinketh he stands take heed let’s he falls. d pple who wanted to stone dat prostitute in d bible did not produce d said man dey caught her with if it were not a set up. thank God for his redemptive power. u ahve no right to judge. let he dat is without sin be the first to cast a stone.

    • So if she is a prostitute that’s why she deserve death, no body have right to kill no matter what, the way he killed prostitute, the same way he will kill Innocence person, somebody killed your sister outside the country and your here comment nonsense,

      Because she is not your Blood sister,

  2. So what is the connection between the girl and the Kung Fu guy? i was thinking they were doing some kung fu lessons then some trick went wrong, or what ever…

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