Man Turns Into A Woman; Set To Begin Sex Change Surgery & Hormone Treatment

man turns into womanChris Beck(Left), Kristen Beck (Right)

June 6th, 2013 – Man (US Navy Seal) Turns Into A Woman; Set To Begin Sex Change Surgery & Hormone Treatment

Pictured left above is Chris Beck, a former US Navy Seal who has began an amazing transformation into a woman.

According to him, the real him is now pictured on the right, he is now Kristen Beck.

Former Chris Beck who served 20 years in the US Navy is currently receiving hormone therapy to completely transform him into a woman.

He said he plans to undergo sex change surgery soon.

According to an update on his Linkedinpage, he said he is ready to show the whole world his true identity.

He writes;
“I am now taking off all my disguises and letting the world know my true identity as a woman.”

He has also received laser treatment to get rid of his facial hair.

Hmmmmm. He was originally created a man by his maker but he would rather prefer to be a woman.

World of unending wonders.

23 thoughts on “Man Turns Into A Woman; Set To Begin Sex Change Surgery & Hormone Treatment

  1. He will die in the process because he wants to prove God wrong.
    God is God, He is not a man that should lie.
    Just watch out, he will not succeed.

  2. Hehaha what a funny world!!!!! don’t worry he must find himself where Micheal Jackson found himself

  3. At old age this shameless man is doing this unimmaginable thing.
    What for? His old who will take him/her as girl friend or even marry her.he proving that what God created was wrong! Ltes see how it plays out in a few years.. Shame on him!!!!!

  4. i thought they said the american people are wise? how education one has allowed education turn him into a complete fool

  5. the world of evil man to woman oyibo you should not confused us with their problem oyibo magic

  6. God have mercy on the so called chris beck now kristen but one thing is certain the God which i serve can never let this happen.cos my bible makes me to understand dat God is a jealous wonder i usually tell my friends that education is not everything

  7. The pe**s is reverted into a cone and crafted into the labia parts of a female…excess nerves stimulate the same sexual effect of a vagina and estrogen supplements(not “oestrogen” that your 17th century school teaches you)is administered to suppress testosterone build-up to simulate feminine secondary sexual characteristics,the adams’ apple is surgically shaved off,implants are added to the pectoral regions and anymore desired changes are made….wow! i love science,last year the research on immortality begun and we’ve already enlongated the lives of smaller creatures,testing will soon begin in humans….living forever is the goal of all religions…i’ll see what happens when science promises that and much more….

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