Nigerian Woman Who Stabbed Husband To Death In Ikorodu Lagos Says She Acted In Self Defense

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Jan 6, 2015 – Nigerian Woman Who Killed Husband In Ikorodu Lagos Says She Acted In Self Defense

Folashade Shodiya,  a middle-age woman who allegedly killed her hubby by stabbing him to death with a kitchen knife on the 13th of November 2014 has confessed to the murder.

27-year-old Shodiya, a fabric seller was said to have killed her abusive husband, 39-year-old Jude Igbedion at their resident on Balogun Street in Owutu area of Ikorodu Lagos.

Shodiya an indigene of Abeokuta, Ogun State told police her hubby is fond of beating her anytime he is upset. She said at a time, she thought of committing suicide with poison due to the incessant beatings she received from her hubby.

Read her confession below:

“I had dated my husband for about seven years now. The only child I have for him, named Amanda, will be a year-old this January (2015).

“In 2009, we started living together, but we were not legally married. He had a habit of beating me over trivial issues. Sometimes, he would send me out of the house, and I would pack to my father’s place in Abeokuta.

“Two or three days later, he would show up and started begging them to release me. Around November 2014, he started a fresh round of beating. On November 11, I wanted to take my life because of the maltreatment I suffered. I took poison and expected to die, but neighbours came to my rescue and I eventually did not.

“While beating me, he usually told me that the reason he married me was to give him children and nothing more.”

“At about 9am on November 13, there was a quarrel, during which he grabbed a baby hangar and began to beat me. I ran to our kitchen and picked a knife to scare him. I stood at the door with the knife. As he opened the door, his chest met the object; he fell and started to bleed.

“I did not deliberately kill my husband. That was why I did not run away. Instead, I called my neighbours for help, and we tried to rush him to a hospital, but he died on the way.”

May his soul rest in peace.