Nigerians Declare War On Bobrisky (Gay Cult Member) In The Wake Of Sex Change Surgery

bobrisky gay cult member

June 29, 2017 – Nigerians Declare War On Gay Cultist Bobrisky In The Wake Of Sex Change Surgery, Calls Him Agent Of The Devil Sent To Pollute Mind Of Youths

A commoner who became somebody when newsless Nigerian bloggers gave him a medium to thrive on is finally at the peak of his mission.

bobrisky gay cult lagos

Meet Okuneye Idris Olanrewaju who adopted the name of Bobrisky for his newly found lifestyle after he was disowned by his parents.

It all started when police arrested him for dressing as a woman to deceive innocent men.

bobrisky before and after

From there, he turned himself into a full time male prostitute serving politicians and wealthy Nigerian gay men. He later became a bleaching expert after which he transformed himself into into white.

The moment he bleached himself from head to toe, clients started rushing in like bees.

Bobyrisky was later seen travelling overseas to serve other gay men who love to have a taste of him.

bobrisky sex change surgery

His last attempt to transform himself into a woman is what got right thinking Nigerians upset.

Risky Bob told followers he will soon go for butt lift surgery (a conservative way to announce sex change surgery).

Many Nigerians are worried that Idris Okuneye has become a negative influence in the life of the youths.

Some even called him an agent of the devil sent to pollute the mind of the youths.

Among those who called out Risky Bob include Foluke Daramola and Nollywood, social media critic Uche Maduagwu.

As long as Nigerian bloggers continue to give Idris a medium to thrive on, he will continue to attract more fans.

A critic once said lack of money pushed Idris Okuneye into a notorious gay cult.

The source added that Bobrisky must have used his social media influence to initiate more youths into the cult.

7 thoughts on “Nigerians Declare War On Bobrisky (Gay Cult Member) In The Wake Of Sex Change Surgery

  1. They didn’t know ds when a university invited him with other artist for a show last year…. Now saying it as if he just started…. Very annoying

  2. I JUST PITY HIM for his lost state of mind. It‘s obvious he urgently needs help.
    Otherwise how could any right thinking man turned himself to such a mannequine?

    I take a stroll…

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