Anambra State University, ANSU Final Year Student Caught Having S*x With Goat Confesses [VIDEO]

anambra state university final year student sex goat

Sunday July 2nd, 2017 Update:

Note: This Is An April Fool Prank Gone Wrong…. Watch the full video here.


June 29, 2017 – Anambra State University, ANSU Final Year Student Caught Having S*x With Goat Confesses

On Sunday the 25th of June 2017 around 8pm, the attention of a student was called to the constant cry of a goat at the male hostel of Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu University formerly called Anambra State University in Uli town, Anambra state where a final year student was caught having carnal knowledge of a she-goat.

When the suspect was caught in the act, he first said he was sent to carry out the act by a lecturer in the tertiary institution but later confessed that he committed the improper act as a ritual to promote his musical career.

Watch the video below:

9 thoughts on “Anambra State University, ANSU Final Year Student Caught Having S*x With Goat Confesses [VIDEO]

  1. You are a fool! Have you forgotten vanity upon vanity all is vanity! Continue in mama Peace’s voice.

  2. He looks like his chosen partner- the goat. Now he has been exposed let him live with the consequences of being branded “goat husband” d and learn that no height of success in his musical career or elsewhere can shield him from this foolish abomination.
    Pervert!! Mchweeeeeew!

  3. An adventure,sent to school and all you learn is how to have sex with goat, it seems like a movie clip.

    That goat need to undergo pregnant test cos i’m sure that’s not his first time.

  4. I thank the people for giving him appropriate treatment! Hey, this World is hell! The most painful thing is the psychological beat back from all these shits committed by demons.

  5. wow am an artiste also and I will wait for God’s appointed time….if sleeping with a goat is the only thing remaining for me to blow I will rather forget about blowing for now and concentrate on my other talent….this is a lesson for other young aspiring artiste that want to blow by all means…

  6. This guy is innocent. The Admins of this site should upload the full video and not edit it to tarnish the boy’s image.

    This was an April fool prank he pulled on his girlfriend and it got into wrong hands who started blackmailing his because he refused to pay 500k.

    Find the link to the full video below and help spread the truth.

    ***link removed**

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