Nigerians Deported From Abroad In 2013: 65 Deportees Arrive Lagos From London, UK, Spain & Italy

nigerians deported deportees 2013

Jan 25, 2013 – Nigerians Deported From Abroad In 2013: 65 Deportees Arrive Lagos From London, UK, Spain & Italy

At least 65 Nigerians were deported from London, the United Kingdom, Spain and Italy Friday.

We learnt that some were deported because they overstayed while others had problems with immigration authorities of the countries from where they were deported.

Some of the deportees were seen at NAHCO section of the Murtala Muhammed International Airport, Ikeja.

Some of the deportees said they have been in the UK for between six and 25 years. But others refused to talk to P.M.NEWS about their ordeal.

An organisation called Migration Rehabilitation Awareness Initiative run by Vivian Otubanjo was on ground to assist the deportees.

Otubanjo said she has been assisting them to locate their families, offer them temporary shelters, legal advice among others. Meanwhile, Mr. Lawal Isah, the Head of Immigration at the Nigerian High Commission in London, confirmed this in an interview with the Western Europe Correspondent of the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN).

He said that among those repatriated were people who had served jail terms in various prisons across the UK, and others arrested for illegal stay.

He said the repatriation was a monthly exercise through a chartered return flight jointly organised by the High Commission and the UK Government.

In December, 2012, 40 people were also deported.

Reacting to the development, Mr. Abba Moro, the Minister of Interior said the Immigration Service in Nigeria had been stopping those without proper documentation from travelling out of the country.

“In 2012, 1,687 Nigerians without proper documentation were prevented from travelling out of the country.

“However, some succeeded in escaping,” Moro said.

The minister is on a facility monitoring visit in London.

He said that Nigeria had signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Austria, Slovakia and Germany to facilitate the return of those without legal rights to stay in those countries.

“The essence of the MOU is to add some level of dignity to the way returnees are sent home so that they are not forced into detention. These countries have further earmarked some funds for resettlement of repatriated Nigerians. On our own part, we have proposal to complement these funds, so that returnees can be properly integrated back to society,” Moro said.

NAN reports that a similar migration partnership is in place between Nigeria and Switzerland.

[NAN/PM Reports]

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      • Make u come pluck your money for Europe. Everybody want to come Europe, Canada, U.S or Australia. U guys think all is well here, just come and see d suffering here.

    • @Tina, please and please if you have good business or you are maneging, dont travel abroad is not easy the way you people think it is, I wish i can turn back the hands of time i would have stayed in Nigeria, life is not easy in abroad, people are suffring they just pretending when you see them home, i have left Nigeria on my own at the age of fiften, travel through African Desert and almost travel all west African countries, till North Africa, now am grown up, still strugling, despite living in UK now, nothing has change so far…. Dont travel face you work or business in africa, you can travel on pleasure, holiday, business trip, but dont travel to go and start new life, you will end up starting from grass.

  1. Demmy bbk, Please help me advise anyone have hears to hear words,despite I travelled out of the country easily then to London, But I still believe Nigeria is the dream country in many factors have testified, I left London after 5yrs to United State in 2009 and presently now in Canada, Am saying this for whom may concern to know that I am not saying picking stories but I am a living witness and presently in Canada where some people regards as the best country now, A lot of people here can’t even afford ticket fare to go home becos all this from hand to mouth and by the time you know 10yrs have gone where some of your mates that lucky have gone far back home. Well nobody says anybody should not come abroad, but pls its not rosy the way you think. Its just piece of advise for the wisdom Many of us have notthing to fall back and that is why we are still here till now.

    • Mr Bobby can you help me to get that canda visa or that type of your passport?, then come to nija come and fill what we are filling in nija.

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  4. Let continue to pray for the progress of Nigeria because there is nothing like home. I pray it shall be well with everybody.

  5. when i hear people’s comments saying they wished they would have stayed in Nigeria instead of abroad, it makes me laugh. Nigeria is more of a place of struggle, especially the lack of bare necesities like good roads, constant electricity, good hospitals, etc. come on people, get serious.

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