“Nigerians Really Irritate Me On Facebook” – Kemi Olunloyo, Ex-Oyo Governor’s Daughter

kemi olunloyo

Feb 8, 2013 – “Nigerians Really Irritate Me On Facebook” – Kemi Olunloyo, Ex-Oyo Governor’s Daughter

Last week a Nigerian woman identified as Kemi Olunloyo who was deported from Canada to Nigeria on August 29, 2012 took to her Facebook page last week to share some abusive rants about Nigerians. naijagists.com

The former daughter of Oyo State Governor Victor Omololu Olunloyo has been battling bipolar disorder since her immigration trouble started.

Here is what she shared on her Facebook page last week.

Nigerians really irritate me on Facebook when they alter their names into these eyesore names. As a member of the Community standards team at Facebook, u are not allowed a fake name.

Many Nigerians in the Yoruba tribe where I am from, disgustingly alter the spellings of their names to horrible proportions. These beautiful African names are defaced due to lack of self esteem.

I reported 10 last week on FB and they were told to produce ID before their pages could be re-opened. They got mad at me.

I clearly warned them beforehand. Even ppl with other fake nicknames need to be reported if you see them without a real name. I don’t see this trend in other tribes in Nigeria. #SMH

My full name is Olukemi Omololu-Olunloyo Spelled like a eyesore is Holukehmi Hormololoo-Howloonlawyour

She currently lives in Ibadan, Oyo State Nigeria.

Pot calling kettle black……….

12 thoughts on ““Nigerians Really Irritate Me On Facebook” – Kemi Olunloyo, Ex-Oyo Governor’s Daughter

  1. Fist of all, this is not kemi Olunloyo’s picture.Reporter get the right picture and improve on your mediocred journalism.
    Secondly,i agree with her as i have critizied those that i know with this act.It is absolutely rubbish,i can one write his or herown name in such a horrrible way thinking it is fun.NO…. it is low self esteem.

  2. the headline should have been “Kemi Olunloyo really irritates Nigerians and cyber bullies them on a daily basis”

  3. Actually,I agree with her. It’s very disgusting d way yorubas lack the ability 2 spell their names on social networks. I mean how hard can it be 2 spell ur own name!!?

  4. I totally agree with her, why do we need to alter d spellings of our name we don’t ve anything to hide or if u r proud of where u come from.

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